Nikita Review: Beware the Slippery Slope

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As the Nikita episode began, it appeared that "Brave New World" referred to Michael and the quest to get him a new hand. By the end of the hour, that couldn't have been further from the truth. It's always about Division, isn't it?

It's the organization that won't die.  Was Nikita naive to think that they could bring in the Dirty Thirty and then Division would be closed down? It was an honorable goal and ambitious mission from the beginning, especially with the President's threat of death if their existence was revealed. It was no mistake that Division was pulled back into active missions after Ryan pulled a "Percy" move of "controlling the narrative."

Nikita In Kosovo

This turn down a dark path was started by Nikita going rogue. She's not one to blindly follow orders. If she can help someone she cares about, no matter the risk or cost, she'll do it. Her decision to go after Heidecker for Michael was not up for question, though her decision to go alone should have been. She's an experienced agent and should have known better. And, Birkhoff should have done more to convince her to take back up. 

Those decisions led to Nikita's capture, an international incident, and ultimately to Division's mission ramp up. Back when Carla was around, Nikita warned of the danger of the organization. It's a statement that they should remember again.

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Ryan is not Percy, but his decision to use the dead man's method signaled again the slippery slope that he must prevent. The original Division started by Carla was designed as a benevolent organization to help people and the government, but somewhere along the way it turned into a nefarious organization that thrived on power and manipulation. Going forward, it will be a balancing act for the team. 

They were given four missions from the President, but why were those specific cases referred to Division? Are they honorable and in the best interest of the country? Or, were they assigned to Division because they are black ops that have a questionable basis for action? The threat of extermination has already been made, will they become the nefarious arm of the government? It's a scary thought.

Nikita's trip to Kosovo ended up being a failure. She wasn't able to get the help necessary for Michael. Though, it wasn't a complete loss. Michael is reinvigorated to find a better option to replace his hand, plus his fragile ego got a boost from participating in a successful mission in the field. That should make the transition to running ops easier for him to take and lets him know he could be in the field.

Michael now has hope again. Hope for a new hand and for a return to action. And, that should provide hope to Nikita that they can resume their happy and loving personal life too. Well ... as long as Michael doesn't become obsessed and block her out. They are such a good couple that it would be a shame if that happened.

Is Division heading to the dark side again? Is history destined to repeat itself? Can the current Division leadership team guide the organization in the right direction?

Brave New World Review

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