Once Upon a Time Round Table: "Tiny"

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"Tiny" was anything but, as the giant wrecked havoc on Storybrooke and Jack turned out to be more enticing than anyone ever thought.

Below, our Once Upon a Time Round Table of TV Fanatic writers Nick McHatton, Carla Day, Jim Garner and Christine Orlando are joined by Gareth from Once Upon a Fan to debate if magic beans are worth the risks and whether our favorite charming couple is headed for a fall.


What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Gareth: Loved all the scenes with Gold at the airport. Seeing him without his power and his reactions to the alien environment of the airport was brilliantly done. Kudos again to Robert Carlyle. He's such a powerhouse actor.

Nick: I really enjoyed Charming and Leroy's exchange as they were running from a full-sized Tiny again. It's nice to know that show acknowledges there's some confusion, and unanswered questions about the characters.

Jim:  I liked Anton being adopted by the dwarves. He got exactly what he wanted, friends that care about him. Was pretty awesome. 

Carla: It was nice to see Emma helping Rumple at the airport. It's rare that we see him in a vulnerable situation, so that was a pleasant surprise.

Christine: Definitely the airport scenes. Rumple was freaking out. Emma was holding it together and Henry was distracted by cinnamon buns like any normal kid would be.

Once Upon a Time RT - depreciated -

Is Regina really working with Cora?

Gareth: Something was very off with Regina in this episode. She just didn't seem herself. I wondered if it was really Cora or whether Cora was controlling Regina somehow. She was just a little too quick in getting back to evil-doing!

Nick: I believe Regina's end goal is Henry. As we know from flashbacks, Regina hates her mother just about as much as everyone else does, so the reason she is working with Cora is to help further her goal of getting to Henry; Cora is all about cleaning up everyone around her, and that means less competition for Regina.

Jim:  She is, but to achieve her own goals. I suspect that if she got the chance Cora would be banished to another realm - again!

Carla: For now, she is. Regina has her own agenda though and I don't believe she trusts her mother. I also don't believe Cora suddenly cared about Regina. They are using each other to achieve their own goals. Once that happens or the other is no longer of use, they will turn on each other.

Christine: I had the same suspicions as Gareth. Could that have been Cora? She seemed very eager to get her belongings off the ship. With this show, anything is possible.

Will the decision about where to live cause a rift between Snow and Charming?

Gareth: They certainly seem to have opposing views and I fully expect that to cause conflict in the relationship as the season progresses. Snow has witnessed first hand what has become of The Enchanted Forest and doesn't want to leave Emma and the chance of a new beginning. I think Charming's moral duty of helping those back home is starting to weigh heavily on him.

Nick: I believe this is the obstacle that will tear the happy couple apart because they both want different things, and it's difficult because both of them have very valid points. I believe Charming realizes that Emma is a full grown adult and he and Snow should respect that she will probably never want to go back home to where there life is, so he's willing to just go back and forth between the worlds. Snow, on the other hand, is against it because she wants to make up for lost time and not repeat the mistakes of her past with her family.

Jim:  Given all they have been through I'm not sure it would create a big rift between them. It will be something they discuss a lot in the coming weeks. 

Carla: A contrived one, but yes. Charming's desire to go back to FTL and leave Emma and Henry behind doesn't ring true to me at all. It's one of my issues with this season. After getting Snow back, he wouldn't risk losing her again. What is there in FTL to draw him there rather than stay with his family?

Christine: Charming's bored in Storybrooke. Rumple's crack about David and his animal rescue van rang a little too true. He protected an entire kingdom. He wants to go back and fight for there home. Snow's seen what their home has become and is content to stay in Storybrooke with their daughter and grandson.  Those opposing priorities will definitely cause problems for our happy couple.

With Cora on the prowl, is it worth the risk to plant the magic beans?

Gareth: Cora obviously has a plan to use the beans in some way so its a huge risk.  I have a feeling Cora's plan for the beans will come together in time for the season finale. Our heroes may pay the price at some stage.

Nick: In the real world? Absolutely not. But we need a tangible link to cross between both worlds since Storybrooke is our version of their land.

Jim:  Beans take time to grow and if she came after them they would at least know where she is. I don't think they are in to much danger yet. 

Carla: Probably not, but their desire to return home outweighs the risk. Plus, if it wasn't Cora, then there would be others to fear like Regina, Rumple, or some unknown threat.

Christine: It's a huge risk, but for those who dream of going home, it is obviously worth it.

Who is sexier: Charming with a sword or Snow with a bow and arrow?

Gareth: I love Snow when she gets all protective over her man. I see them as a cute couple and adorable rather than outright sexy. Regina and Hook, on the other hand, are smoking hot! Different strokes and all that.

Nick: Charming (also hello James).

Jim:  Snow was pretty cool with the bow I have to give the edge to her. But that's not to say Charming isn't great with a sword.

Carla: Charming with a sword. And, I have to second Nick ... nice seeing bad boy James!

Christine: Snow and her bow and arrow expertise. I just love it when she goes all bad ass and protects those she loves.

Cite the best quote of the night.

Gareth: Gold's line to David at the beginning of the episode had me really laughing. It was so dry.

Charming: If anything happens to them...
Mr. Gold: Then you'll what? Cross the time line and David Nolan will hunt me down in his animal rescue van. | permalink

Nick:  Leroy: You know, I'm going to call you what I damn well please. | permalink

Jim:  Anton: Tiny, my brothers use to call me that.   Grumpy: The axe never lies. 

Carla: Anton: You saved my life.
         Snow White: That’s what we do.

Christine: Oh, Gareth took my first choice. That line made me laugh out loud too. I'll have to go with my second choice.

Hook: I've been tied up in bed. Not in the good way. | permalink

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My name is Rumplestiltskin and we're going to find my son.


Charming: If anything happens to them...
Mr. Gold: Then you'll what? Cross the time line and David Nolan will hunt me down in his animal rescue van.