Scandal Round Table: "Truth or Consquences"

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Fitz wants a divorce. Edison wants to marry Olivia. And Mellie has one last trick up her sleeve. Following an episode filled with revelations, the Scandal Round Table is back to break down “Truth or Consequences.”

Below, staff writers Christine Orlando, Leigh Raines, Jim Garner and Miranda Wicker are joined by Emily from ABC Scandal Fans to discuss the latest twists and turns surrounding this ABC smash. Gather around and jump in now...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Leigh: When Huck climbed into bed with Olivia. She was having a breakdown and both of the men she loved couldn't even get through to her. It's great that Edison went to the group with his whole "you are her family speech." Huck and Olivia have a bond and he was able to talk to her and get right to the point without even having to ask "what's wrong?"

Christine: I loved Mellie going to Cyrus and telling him to get Fitz in line. Why she hated Liv, but it was a boring kind of hate. Mellie and Cyrus are two of my favorite characters on this show and this scene just solidified why.

Miranda: I also loved Huck flopping down on Olivia's bed like the old friend he is. She's one of the few people he's 100% comfortable with and her with him. His actions and then their ensuing conversation were just great.

Jim: Loved the team coming clean with each other. I was glad that Quinn decided to be part of the team instead of being out in the cold.

Emily: When Huck came by to check on Liv and laid down with her. So nonchalant and teddy bear-ish and then so easily says I can kill Hollis for you. Love Huck!

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Who really ordered the hit on Fitz?
Leigh: I've given this a lot of thought. My first line of thinking is, who would have 5 million dollars to just give to Becky? Also who is smart enough to know Hollis Doyle's moves that would be able to pin it on him? Lots of pondering has led me to Verna. As far as she's concerned when they made that deal on the plane two years ago they all signed their tickets to hell. But why would Verna want Fitz out of office?

Christine: I'm still reeling that it's probably not Hollis. Could it still be him? Could he have simply made it look like the money came from a different account? I'm not ready to count him out just yet.

Miranda: Ahh! Two theories to this: I have my money on Verna because of the phone. She was the one who told the team where to find it. But the elevator scene at the end makes me think Billy Chambers isn't really dead and Hollis was headed to see him.

Jim: My money is on the VP. She and Hollis were way to chummy too quickly for there not to be some pre-planning involved.

Emily: If it wasn't Hollis - though I'm not convinced he wasnt involved - I think it could be a new player that we haven't met yet that would possibly overlap into the second story arc Scandal Season 2. Governor Reston is the only other person I could see coming out of the woodwork.

What is Huck's real name?
Leigh: Guillermo Diaz. See what I did there?

Christine: I don't know that I care. I love the name Huck.

Miranda: LOL, Leigh. He looks like a John. Or a Michael.

Jim: Toby? Tom? Tracy? Can I just say a "T" name?

Emily: Ummmm...Stan! LOL!

Is Harrison right? Does Olivia still wear the white hat?
Leigh: Yes, she wears it now more than ever. We see how Liv's conscience is catching up to her. She's trying to do the right thing even if it's after the fact. For her it's better late than never.

Christine: I think it's a little more light grey. Olivia wants to be on the side of the angels but her choices don't always place her there. Rigging the election was definitely a dark day for her and it's eating away at her conscience.

Miranda: This is the thing that makes her character so interesting. She's deeply flawed and does things that haunt her. When her emotions aren't involved, I say absolutely. For all the fixes she's done that don't involve Fitz, she's a white hat.

Jim: There is a Japanese proverb for this: "saru mo ki kara ochiru" translates to "even monkeys fall out of trees." Just because Olivia made one bad choice doesn't negate all the good she does. Yes, she still wears the white hat. Hell, the fact she has guilt over the rigging alone should tell her that; a villain would never care.

Emily: I believe she does, just like David does despite some bad decisions he has made. He betrayed Abby initially in order to gather information, but attempted to redeem himself by giving OPA intel they needed, just as Olivia is trying to make things right now, despite repercussions she may face.

How long will it be before Olivia puts it together that Cyrus had Amanda Tanner killed and what happens when she does?
Leigh: Not very long. Liv is already suspicious of Cyrus and they're at each other's throat. The conclusion to this whole storyline is supposed to be next week so I wouldn't be surprised if that's when she finds out.

Christine: She now knows he's willing to take out Hollis so it shouldn't be too long before she starts to suspect him of being involved with Amanda Tanner's death. Would Liv completely turn on Cyrus. That could prove even more dangerous than turning on Hollis.

Miranda: I give it three episodes before this comes full circle on Cyrus. Four tops.

Jim: I think she's already put it together. Once things die down a little bit I suspect she will have a conversation with Cyrus about over-stepping his role.

Emily: I would like to believe it wouldn't take her much longer after this stand-off with Charlie, Hollis and Huck plays out. The question I have is this: Does Huck know? And if he does how long has he known??

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