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The latest episode of Scandal - "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" - propelled us forward 10 months. Olivia and Fitz haven't spoken and both are miserable. There's a mole in the White House. David Rosen is persona non grata to all the D.C. law firms and he needs Olivia's help.

Then there's Scott Foley. Oh boy, was there Scott Foley! Jump right in with TV Fanatic staff writers Jim Garner, Christine Orlando, Carla Day, and Miranda Wicker - as well as Emily from ABC Scandal Fans website - to discuss our guest star's creepy tendencies!


What was your favorite scene or quote from "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?"

Jim: I hate to say it, but I so enjoyed watching Mellie throw Cyrus under the bus. I knew she was clever, but this showed she still has some teeth when it comes to Fitz.

Christine: It was more of a love to hate moment. When Fitz told Olivia their dalliance in the data room was a mistake as they walked out the door but that he couldn't control his erections around her I wanted to hit him, or knee him in a very special spot. I was a little disappointed that Olivia didn't.  He really deserved it.

Emily: Favorite quote is a toss up between "You're a natural" (Huck to Quinn after she made the postmortem stab wound) and "Is that someone's..." "...hairy baby arm? Nah." (Abby and Harrison when the OPA team is reviewing photos regarding their client)

Carla: Definitely when David decided to not follow his lawyer's advice in the prosecutor's office and gave him a piece of his mind and advice.  David rocked it in that moment. From defeatist to attack dog.

Miranda: Because it opens up so many possibilities moving forward, Captain Ballard in his room watching Olivia on his screens while talking to her on the phone. His smirk as he sipped his beer was so deliciously creepy. I'm excited to see where this story is going.

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What are you theories about Captain Ballard?

Jim: I think he is following the trail of the leaked documents and is trying to find out who leaked them. Given Olivia showed up in his office based on a phone call, he either thinks she is involved or will lead him to person. Though I have to wonder if those cameras are legal given he works on capital hill. 

Christine: The guy certainly has a lot of cameras. Was there a place he wasn't watching Olivia? He obviously thinks she's the key to something big. I've always enjoyed the actor, Scott Foley so for that reason alone I'm hoping to see more of him.

Emily: It's oddly coincidental that we meet him and learn he provides intel to the Joint Chiefs in the same episode that we learn there is a mole. Probably a little too obvious, really. I can't decide if I think he is a part of a conspiracy, which requires him to spy on Olivia, or just a creepy guy with a fixation.  I mean... a camera in her bedroom?!? Yikes! Either way, totally agree with Jim! Foley is great and he can play both sweetheart (Felicity/Grey's Anatomy) or the psychokiller from Scream 3. This is gonna be interesting!

Carla: On this show, just about anything is possible and definitely more convoluted than anything I could guess. He bumped into Olivia getting coffee before David called her for help, which can't be a coincidence. Could the girl have come across something about Olivia and that got Ballard's attention? I fear for Olivia. Ballard is not a good guy.

Miranda: I think he was given information, about what, I'm not sure, and upon looking into that information, he came across Olivia and became fascinated with her to the point of stalking. 

More surprising: That Olivia wears white suits even when she's swimming or that Quinn is a natural at clean up?

Jim: Not surprised Olivia wears a white swimsuit. It seems very in character, just look at her house. Huck's reaction to Quinn's stabbing with a deep sigh and "you're a natural" made me actually laugh out loud. I love that Huck is getting a side kick. 

Christine: Definitely that Quinn is a natural at clean up. Who knew? And like Jim I love the idea of her being Huck's side kick. That could turn out to be a lot of fun.

Emily: Gonna go with Quinn on clean-up duty...that just made me concernicus! (Dane Cook reference anyone?)

Carla: Quinn surprised me, though probably shouldn't have. She's grown immensely since she first started working for Olivia and proved that she is adaptable. 

Miranda: The white swimsuit she was wearing in the opening scene was so...un-athletic that it took me out of the scene. Maybe that's weird. Another beautiful piece of Olivia's wardrobe though.

Should Olivia offer David Rosen a job at Pope and Associates? Do you think he'd take it?

Jim: Everyone else that works for her is there because she saved them, I think she should offer him a job. I don't think he would accept right now because he needs to learn that Olivia is really a good person and doesn't harm people without the greater good being at stake. 

Christine: Absolutely but I don't think he'd take it right now. The Gladiators destroyed the poor guy's life. He's one of the reasons why I believe Olivia's hat is more grey than white. I think working at Pope and Associates may end up being his only option. The upside of that is that if he works there, he and Abby might be able to get back together. Go DAbby!

Emily: As much as I feel bad for David's current employment status, I don't really think it would be a good fit for him at OPA. David sees things in black and white and Gladiators obviously don't/can't so I don't think he would be willing to compromise his moral compass the way he would need to in order to the job.

Carla: Hmm ... intriguing question. I wouldn't be surprised if Olivia did offer him a job, but only after he adjusts to his current situation. He's always been a rule-follower and that doesn't work at Pope and Associates. Waking up with a dead body in your bed, blood all over you, and being framed for murder will change a man. Yes, if she offers it, it would be when he is ready to take on that role.

Miranda: I absolutely think she should and will offer David a job there, and I think eventually he'll take it. While they sometimes do shady things for good reasons there, I think David's sense of justice and right would bring a nice balance to the office.

Are you buying that Fitz believes he and Olivia are done?

Jim: Well, we know his erections aren't, even he admits that. I hope he can get over this and forgive her. However, I wonder if this is the first time he saw her in nearly a year, it sounded like it. 

Christine: Honestly, I'm to the point where I do. Their data room sex and his reaction to it really bugged me. In a lot of ways Fitz is a weak man. He may just need someone like Mellie to lead him around by the nose.

Emily: Nope! I believe he feels so lost and alone right now that he's just shutting down - internalizing everything. He's upset and he has a valid reason to be, but he's being immature, lashing out and trying to hurt her intentionally the way he feels she hurt him. Maybe its a female thing, but he's still wearing the flag pin she gave him.  If I was Fitz and truly wanted nothing to do with Olivia again I would be eliminating all reminders of her from my life.

And you wouldn't have the kind of moment they had during the christening.  Just sayin!  We saw a glimpse of Fitz feeling hurt/betrayed while being drunk during the flashback in Episode 211 after he got into it with his father at dinner and then tried to force himself on Olivia in the elevator.  I think we're seeing his coping mechanism again - the heavy drinking and trying to "lose himself"/escape in Olivia.  Adding in the level of betrayal and that Olivia was a player in it just ups his level of jackass-ness. They won't ever be over, but this is definitely their biggest obstacle to date so it's gonna take more time.

Carla: He believes it they are done, but that doesn't mean they really are done. In the long term, they will get back together. He's hurting right now. He almost died. Then, he found out the one person who he thought believed him him more than anyone else, didn't believe him enough. Plus, the drinking isn't helping. My guess is that Ballard will cause something to happen to Olivia and it will wake Fitz up. He will sober up and be there for Olivia.

Miranda: I'm buying that Fitz is trying to convince himself they're done. After his remarks outside the server room, I really, truly want Olivia to kick him in the face (or lower, wherever) the next time she sees him.

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