Suits Review: Not Good Enough

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This week, Suits made storming the shores at "Normandy" seem a much less daunting task than combating the ongoing battle for the future of what is, for now, simply known as the Pearson firm.

Hardman's Not Going Away

While big bad Daniel Hardman continues to reappear like an unwelcome ex, it's clear his only purpose in doing so is to run his former firm dry, while seemingly enjoying every second.

But could his face have been anymore priceless at discovering the long overdue removal of his name from the wall? Can we get a .gif of that, please?

If only Harvey's name was going in its place. Which brings me to the most perplexing aspect of this episode: Scottie and her British boss.

Am I to understand that Jessica wants to partner up with this firm? Or is there something more diabolical taking place here? I was under the impression that Scottie's boss was retiring and out of the business, yet he shows up across the pond and starts looking into the firms books? What if this is Jessica's master plan to latch Pearson with another firm with offices nationwide?

She integrates herself into a network of firms, embedding it into a structure that Daniel Hardman would have a heck of time taking down with his one-man wrecking crew. To me, it's a genius plan, but if the look on Harvey's face was any indication, it seems to me that her decision will come with a serious price that doesn't necessarily include him jumping on the bandwagon all that willingly.

I really don't think he deserves name-on-the-door status just yet, but in his mind it's darn near his right, which can prove complicated, especially since we know what happens when he doesn't get his way.

The one place Harvey was seeming to get his way, though, was with Scottie, who made a long-overdue return to the show. I never took a particular liking to her character, but there's no denying she's the female version of Harvey in every conceivable way. It felt like having both their bosses there allowed them to mirror each other even more. When they left that first meeting with Edward and Jessica, they didn't hesitate to commiserate about how upset their respective superiors actually were over the situation.

Then there's the matter of Bennett vs. Ross. Man, did those two go at it. As if Katrina hadn't already rubbed half of the key associates the wrong way, she just had to make herself the floor (and potentially firm) outcast. Did anyone else want to hit her when she was horangning Rachel, who was clearly dealing with some personal issues and heck of a lot more work than really warranted Katrina wasting her time? If I hear her claim "fifth year" anything one more time, it's on.

Another important subplot that unfolded this episode dealt with Rachel's rejection from Harvard Law School. First of all, I can't continue without commenting on just how fast that rejection letter got cranked out and sent back. Talk about a distortion of time. But in all reality, it was pretty heartbreaking to watch her struggle through that. She has worked really hard.

What really got me, however, was how Louis suddenly stepped in as if he had something to do with it. Even though he confronted Sheila, I'm still not sure he really had anything to with it. So what purpose his internalized desire to write the wrong on this serves is beyond me at this time, so feel free to throw theories my way.

Phew, there sure was a lot going on this week! And with the season finale finally upon us, what do you thinkĀ  the future holds?

Normandy Review

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