Supernatural Round Table: "Everybody Hates Hitler"

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Everybody Hates Hitler. Supernatural made that clear on last Wednesday's fun Season 8 episode.

In this edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, staffers Carissa Pavlica, Carla Day and Sean McKenna are joined by Alice Jester (from The Winchester Family Business) as they break down the latest adventures of our favorite hunting brother. Join in now!


Favorite scene or quote from the episode?
Carissa: Two things stuck out at me. First, the way Jared Padalecki says the word 'experiment' is absolutely adorable. As for a moment from the show, it was very small, but when they were burning the body of the dude from the library, just after Aaron called them psychopaths, Sam warmed his hands on the burning body and I laughed out loud.

Carla: The brothers just sitting back and having a drink in their new home. It was nice to see them put the past problems behind them (for now at least) and be reinvigorated in their hunter mission.

Alice: You’re going to make me pick just one?  I love just about every scene. The final one though is the one that got me smiling the most.  Sam has found his place in this world and Dean approves!  Time to drink good scotch like gentlemen. As for a quote (yes, I’m doing both), I’ll single out one that goes back to a favorite comedy bit of my youth: “You mean, how do we ‘Oh no!’ Mr. Bill over there?”

Sean: There really are so many fun ones. I loved that Sam was really excited about the Men of Letters lair, Dean wearing the robe, watching the Golem tower over Sam and Dean, even that last shot of the brothers drinking together. Wait. That's definitely more than one, but this episode was such a great step in the right direction overall.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of the Men of Letters hideout/Sam and Dean's new Batcave?
Carissa: I really like that they have some place permanent (hope that's not just an assumption on my part) where they can go to retreat when they need it. Having a sense of belonging, a home really, will make them more of a family again. It's really important to their future.

Carla: Where was the dust? Besides, that oddity, I love it. The actual facility is gorgeous, the library should help them hunt, and the stability it provides them should be interesting to see.

Alice: LOVE it!  I think this is the best twist this show has had in years. Not only do Sam and Dean have a place to call home, but they have something meaningful other than the Impala that’s a connection to their family. Sure, the Men of Letters legacy is clicking more with Sam right now than Dean, but Dean sees the perks too. Funny how a perfect shower and a warm robe is all you need to win him over.  Nice to see they added to the place by getting a beer fridge.

Sean: It's funny because Sam and Dean have always been on the road with their home base being essentially the Impala. Except now, actually having a place they can go to relax, to check out info on a case, and not have to worry about using a credit card scam to pay for a room is fantastic. It's a great change for the show and hopefully will have a continually positive effect on the brothers.

Are you glad that Sam seems to have really jumped back on board with hunting?
Carissa: Being a man of letters has given him a sense of history and purpose that he was missing. It's something bigger than just he and Dean and "hunting" per se, and in a way replaces all he lost in dropping out of college. It's so huge, and so personal - something nobody else can do but the Winchesters - that it HAD to invigorate him. I'm a happy Supernatural fan.

Carla: Yes.The Men of Letters lineage and library will provide Sam the intellectual stimulation of hunting that he has been missing. He gave up Stanford, but now he has the resources to give him a pertinent education for his destined career. It should be a blast to watch Sam get caught up in the library.

Alice: Absolutely! Sam and Dean have both been beaten down for so long. Sam especially has taken some very brutal punishment over the last few years. It seemed for a while they were just going through the motions, often questioning why they keep doing this. Purgatory gave Dean his purpose back, and with this wealth of new information and resources, Sam found his and is in geek Heaven, exactly where he belongs. It’s exciting to watch, and it’s about time.

Sean: Yes. He's always been the more info driven of the brothers, but lately his excitement for the job has been absent. He has a purpose and a sense of belonging with the Men of Letters. If anything, it will amplify his abilities to fight all the things that go bump in the night. A major win for Sam.

Nazi Necromancers: Awesome or lame bad guys?
Carissa: Bringing such a horrid - and very real - bad guy into the drama makes it easier for us to root against the enemy, so it was good move. The title says it all. Everybody hates Nazis. You can't help but want to jump into the fray and fight. As opposed to the Leviathan, to whom we, as a general populace, have no reference point.

Carla: In another episode, it may not have worked. in combination with the boys finding the Men of Letters headquarters, it was a nice fit. Plus, as Alice said it's easy to hate Nazis.

Alice: Awesome bad guys! Probably because it’s so easy to hate Nazis. I’m pleased that Ben Edlund in this script captured the same sort of fun Nazi bashing fun we got in Inglourious Basterds. It was most interesting for me because the Thule Society is a real group with an early history in the Nazi party. So, they win with me. 

Sean: They were good bad guys but I hope we get to see more of them again. Aside from the magic aspect, having Nazis on the show is far more real that ghosts or vampires, and it adds a whole extra layer because of the Men of Letters. And like everyone and says, "Everybody Hates Nazis."

What did you think of Aaron and his golem? Want them to return?
Carissa: I loved the Golem. Aaron was at his best when he was annoyed with the Golem, "We're renting here!" The Golem was at his best when he was frustrated with Aaron, "The boy smoked the papers." Some really great lines came out of this episode. They were introduced well, and it's kind of cool to have a supernatural creature on the side of good, so I wouldn't mind having them back.

Carla: The Aaron and Golem pairing was hilarious. I loved the exchange about how Aaron smoked the pages of the Golem manual. He really stepped up when he was needed though. They were great for this episode, but I don't care to see them again.

Alice: I love Aaron and the golem (gee, can you tell this episode worked for me?). Their dysfunctional relationship was a riot!  “Supernatural” is all about reluctant heroes, especially those that inherit their roles because of family. Aaron was the typical slacker, but chose to step up and do what was right because he was the only one left (a nice parallel to Sam embracing Henry’s legacy). I hope he does come back, if anything to be part of this underground network that is potentially coming together.

Sean: They were great. Aaron was such a slacker with the Golem being work focused. On top of that, their opposite personalities were perfect together making them a great pair. Man, that golem was huge too. It's so rare to see anyone taller than Sam or Dean. I hope they come back for sure.

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