Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peeks: Something's Definitely Wrong

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In all likelihood, nothing is wrong with Meredith Grey's unborn child.

Yet any woman who's ever been pregnant likely relates to her fears, however irrational, that anything that can go wrong will. In this clip from Thursday night's episode, she worries incessantly, while Cristina vows to fix any issues that could possibly arise with the little one, and Alex just eggs her on.

What are friends for?!

In another scene, we see Meredith talk to someone more helpful: Derek!

Meanwhile, Owen introduces the interns to their newest staff member - a cutting-edge diagnostic testing device - and Arizona makes overtures to Callie in a way that surprises and intrigues her.

Sexy overtures. Callie then explains to Bailey why this is big:

In the first clip from "Idle Hands" that we posted yesterday, Shane got into it with a guy in the waiting room, forcing Derek to intervene. Are you looking forward to this episode tomorrow night?

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