Grimm Review: Enter, Mr. Sandman

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"Mr. Sandman" didn’t bring any dreams or cute things to Portland.

This is Grimm, after all. Why bring dreams when you can bring death and blindness?

The case of the week proved to be one of the greater investigations of Grimm Season 2. The idea of a man stealing the sight of people who are in periods of grief and, literally, having them lose their way all so he can find his own is pretty compelling.

Finding a New Wesen

It’s a metaphor not only for the case, but also where Grimm is at this point in its story arcs. Almost every element was accounted for: Juliette is experiencing grief over her forgotten memories or fearing what she just can’t seem to remember. Team Nick is doing its best to figure out where it fits in to Renard’s master plan, as it speculated around the dinner table, but sometimes they’re just going into things blindly.

Hopefully the metaphor ends before the stabbing.

The more thought-provoking development of the case was the precedent it potentially sets for Nick as a Grimm. When Andre blinded Nick, his sense of hearing overcompensated; and even after the cure, his heightened hearing remained. It opens up the idea of Grimms being able to absorb or inherit abilities from other Wesen in certain situations, and it’ll also come in handy when Renard talks to his brother or whispers on the phone.

Adalind is still in Vienna, and still very much pregnant. The only difference now is she’s unsure of who the father is: Renard or his brother. No matter who ends up being the father, Adalind secured herself a piece of the Wesen good life by carrying a royal.

Finally, there’s Juliette. Her hallucinations are beginning to take shape, in Nick form no less. It reminds me of an episode of The OC when Che took Seth to the woods to find his spirit animal. Anyways, if these hallucinations are indeed Juliette’s spirit animal, it is high time he leads her right back to her memories.

I’m wondering if the key to making sure Renard can break free of Juliette’s pull is also tied to her memories because, as we saw in his dream, Renard still has some infatuation with Juliette.

A Few More Thoughts:

  • That looked more like a spork to me than a spoon.
  • Love when the medical examiners pops in for a case.
  • Rosalee is quickly becoming my favorite Nick sidekick.
  • NBC, your massive ads during shows for your upcoming shows is getting out of hand. I love Revolution and The Voice, but I don’t need to see Charlie running across my screen or watch the chairs swivel in every day.

Mr. Sandman Review

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