Lost Girl Review: Is Bo the Wanderer?

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"Fae-ge Against the Machine" was an unusual episode of Lost Girl - and, with this show, that's saying a lot. 

From the moment Bo left the restaurant with Tamsin until about the time she got drunk, I wasn't sure what the heck was going on. It was a confusing scavenger hunt of sorts that she didn't even know she was on. Was she fulfilling her promise to Balzac? And how did that tie in with what Trick was doing?

Then, all of a sudden, it was as if the fog lifted and the sun began shining. There was a point to this game and it was potentially a life-or-death situation.

Bo's Scavenger Hunt

Tamsin decided to accompany Bo on her journey to complete her obligation to Balzac. When the Valkyrie first showed up as Dyson's partner, she was almost unbearable. Since her last adventure with Bo to save Kenzi, she has become likable and integrated herself into the group in a positive way. Both Bo and Tamsin are strong and independent and complement each other with their knowledge and strengths.

When it comes to the Fae world, this partnership sped to the top of my favorites. There's an amazing tension between these two that is palpable. Bo fed from Tamsin when they were saving Kenzi and commented that it was unlike anyone she's had before. And, after completing the task and killing the "cricket," they shared a kiss. Neither of them expected it and it only happened because Trick touched the game while kissing, but there was a spark there. 

Could the love triangle become a love quadrangle? Now that Bo knows that Dyson has his love back, she certainly doesn't need another romantic entanglement. Given the "Wanderer" card, I believe that there is something greater at play between Tamsin and Bo. And, based on Tamsin's reaction, it's not a good thing.

Even though, Bo missed Lauren's big event and left with the scientist, they should be able to overcome this minor set-back. It's not like Bo purposefully skipped out on Lauren, instead she basically was compelled to do it. With the Dawning upon her, Bo's going to need Lauren's love and support. 

Bo survived the game and received the invitation to the Temple. Next up, the real challenge. Will Bo make it through alive and unscathed?

Odds and Ends

  • I usually miss Kenzi when she's gone. Given the set up of this episode and Tamsin's role, the story didn't need her presence so her absence wasn't as pronounced as in some previous episodes.
  • Why was Tamsin the only one being honest with Bo about the dangers of the Dawning?
  • Elderberry Smash: Don't buy that drink for Bo.
  • Why is a lock of Valkyrie hair so valuable? What can it do?
  • Lauren looked absolutely gorgeous in that dress.
  • How did Bo find out that Dyson got his love back? My Lost Girl pet peeve. Again, an important reveal happened off-screen. (Will Lauren and Bo even discuss the missed awards ceremony? Or, will that be another fight/make up that happens off-screen?)
  • "The Wanderer": What or who is this? What's the importance? 
  • Valkyrie is from Norse mythology and so is Odin the Wanderer. In the myth, the Valkyrie maidens complied with Odin's wishes. Could this mean that Tamsin will end up submissive to Bo?

Are you disappointed we didn't get to see Bo find out about Dyson getting his love back? Is Bo "the Wanderer?" Are you enjoying the Dawning storyline?

Fae-ge Against the Machine Review

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