The Client List Review: The Jig Is Up

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It seems like The Client List Season 2 will be taking on a completely different look.

"Till I Make it On My Own" introduced us to a stronger Riley, along with new relationship between her and Selena, while also questioning Georgia's future with The Rub. Wait! There's more!

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What a surprise! At the end of last season they sure made it seem like Riley was seconds away from being arrested, but it was Kyle they were after.

Kyle not only returned to his family, he did so after stealing a semi-truck full of copper wire. He wasn't thinking of what it would do to his kids to show up into their lives only to be sucked back out again, that's for sure. It was so sad to see their little faces wanting their daddy at their science fair, only to be disappointed yet again.

You know what else was surprising? Learning Detective Wilden not only works at the Rosewood Police Department on Pretty Little Liars, but he's doubling up by working under an assumed name (Detective Dunbar) at the Houston Police Department! Seriously, what has become of poor Bryce Johnson that he's everybody's choice for the dickhead police detective?

Riley's own guilt forced her hand and she decided to get Kyle a better attorney than his public defender, despite the fact he admitted to committing the crime. I'm not sure how I feel about that. With her job at The Rub, the last thing Riley needs is to bring more attention to herself by aligning with a criminal, even if he is her husband.

Georgia came back with a love interest on her mind. I haven't heard about Loretta Devine leaving the show, but it sure seemed they were opening the door for Riley to take over The Rub. At the very least, she was taking on a lot more responsibility as manager.

The third surprise of the evening was Riley offering to buy The Rub and Georgia accepting her offer. Within seconds the Louboutin client appeared at Georgia's side saying he was stalling the police getting search warrant for The Rub as long as he could, but it would be more difficult with "her" involved. Who was she? Riley. Was Georgia selling out to put the crush that was coming her way onto Riley? I sure hope not.

It was definitely nice to see Riley and Selena working together and no longer acting as sparring partners. It seems a lot of the cast didn't return from last season (buh bye Jolene and Kendra), and they need to hold up most of the men themselves. It was always their similarities that got them into trouble anyway, so it works that they're on the same side. I did have a moment of hesitation when Selena gave Riley some eyedrops - I imagined them being laced. Old habits die hard!

Evan and Riley kept getting closer and the montage scene of their happiness over Kyle in jail didn't do anything to tug at my heartstrings. I'm only worried he would get out and try to tear Evan and Riley apart. They've built a very solid friendship and their budding romance is quite believable. With everything else going down, they deserve a chance.

I wonder whether they will bring on new girls to round out staff at The Rub, or if Riley will be so busy defending the business and worrying about Kyle that she and Selena will do it all on their own. The cast seems to have grown in other directions outside of the salon, which would leave less room for more spa girls. Perhaps there's a spa boy in their future?

Either way, it appears we're in for drama of a whole different ilk this season. More family related, Riley defending her own within the community and perhaps defending herself from her involvement at The Rub. Share your thoughts about the premiere in the comments!

Till I Make it On My Own Review

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