The Vampire Diaries Review: The Off Switch

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When "Elena" and "Caroline" are trending worldwide on Twitter after only the East Coast airing of The Vampire Diaries, you know it's been a wild episode! What could have happened in "Bring It On" for these two characters' names to be plastered all over social media?

For starters, Elena has completely shut off her humanity.

And FYI: she's loving every minute of it.

Elena v. Stefan

Elena with no humanity is almost identical to Katherine, so right off the bat you know she's not going to get along with Caroline. Despite Damon's attempt at using his sire bond puppet strings to control her, Elena was still running wild. She rejoined cheerleading only to end up feeding off the competition, fighting with Caroline, and letting Caroline fall from the air during a stunt. 

Next it was Stefan's turn to try and control Elena; nothing a little injection of vervain couldn't take care of! Then again isn't Stefan always taking care of Elena? Elena said it herself, it seems like Stefan spends his entire life trying to protect, control, and monitor her actions. Do you agree? Or do you side with Stefan that it's his responsibility because he brought the whole vampire lifestyle into Elena's life to begin with?

Since Sergeant Stefan had Elena grounded she threw a party at Casa Salvatore. A drunk party swarming with people made the perfect diversion for Elena to escape Stefan's ever-watchful eyes. It would've worked for a few more minutes if she didn't piss off Caroline again and throw Sheriff Forbes into a wall. Before Elena body checked Caroline's mom and called Caroline out on her nosiness and feelings for Klaus, Caroline made an excellent point. It was great to see Elena actually having fun again. 

OK so obviously Elena isn't being an upstanding pillar of society, but I'm really enjoying off-switch Elena. She's fun! She isn't whiny! Isn't that what everyone's biggest gripe about Miss Gilbert has been for the past 3 seasons? She always needed protection and everything was always centered around her. Personally I say everyone should stop trying to shove this cure down her throat and let the girl enjoy being a vampire. 

Speaking of, are we done with this cure storyline yet? Since Damon, Rebekah, Klaus, and Hayley spent the whole episode trying to track Katherine's minions for a lead to the cure, I'd say that storyline is not over. Then Stefan figured out that the lack of local blood supplies must mean that Silas is in town. If everyone else would follow Damon's attitude about the cure, the only person who might still have to worry about it is Klaus. You know Katherine is just dying to shove the cure down his throat! But hey, at least Klaus got laid right?

Life sucks when you're ordinary. And what makes you exactly not like them? You're a vampire. You take that cure and become human? You're no one, nothing. Trust me, losing this cure was the best damn thing that ever happened to you. | permalink

Damon accepts being a vampire, wants to have fun and intends to continue the party with Elena in New York. What was up with his friend Will that he ran into? Guess we'll find out more of that backstory when they hit the Big Apple. 

What did you think of the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries? Do you prefer off switch Elena? Are you into the Klaus and Hayley hook up? If Matt just inherited the biggest house in town does that mean he can quit working at The Grill? Hit the comments! 

Bring It On Review

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The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

Caroline: Feeding on the competition, hello did you not hear what Damon told you?
Elena: I did but who cares? I'll do whatever I want.

She's a vampire, off switch is one of the biggest perks.