Unlucky In Love: Our Advice for Olivia Pope

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The TV characters we love seem to have it all. They're beautiful or handsome. They have huge apartments and wear the best clothes, even when they're flat broke. But the one thing most of them can't seem to get right is love.

So that's where TV Fanatic comes in. Instead of sitting back and letting our favorite characters disastrous romantic lives make us feel better about our own, we'll offer them a little advice.

We can't promise they'll be any luckier in love, but at least we can all feel a little better having tried to help.

Starting with... Scandal's Olivia Pope.

Olivia Worries Over a Secret

Dear Olivia,

You are a smart, beautiful woman who is great at managing a scandal but lousy at dealing with your own love life. You, my dear, are the victim of forbidden love.

Fitz is drowning himself in the bottom of a bottle and blaming you for his weakness.  Yeah, the fact that you agreed to commit fraud against the American people to get him elected President has turned your white hat more than a little grey but Fitz is no choir boy either. Perhaps he's got something weighing on his own conscience, (like murdering a Supreme Court Justice in her hospital bed?)

But the reasons behind him acting like a jackass are neither here nor there. The problem is he's taking you down with him. You need to stop the decent.

For a woman who once said she doesn't believe in crying, you've certainly been spending a lot of time sobbing into your pillow.

It's time to take a step back... and hire yourself as the client! What would you tell a woman pining over a married man?

Exactly. He's married and as long as he is he will never be yours. So the next time he makes goo goo eyes at you from across a room, ignore him. And if he pulls you into another enclosed space to have a little fun, walk out and leave him there to finish the job himself.

If he's miserable with his diabolically clever but crazy wife, that's his problem. It's time to find your own happiness. Maybe take a vacation and get out of D.C.

Oh, and as far as that handsome new man in uniform goes... if it seems to good to be true it probably is. 

So, dear readers, what's your advice? Should Olivia wait and hope that Fitz comes to his senses and wants her back, or is it time to kick him to the curb?

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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