White Collar Season Finale: The Blue in My Eyes

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James Bennett tonight? He was "In the Wind."

Indeed, White Collar specializes in leaving its fans breathless at the end of its season finales. But this one almost had me in tears.

Peter & His Father

I think all of us, deep down were skeptical as to what Bennett was up to. But, good grief, I didn't think that when his true intentions and deepest character was revealed that it would leave Peter arrested by his own people.

This is the exact situation that James pretended to be in to win Neal's sympathies in the first place - and he did it to PETER! OF ALL PEOPLE!

Luckily, Neal knew what the real deal was before James got a chance to cover up what he'd done.

It was probably only a matter of time until Peter would take a bullet for Neal, no pun intended. But I almost can't handle the fact it went down like this. I felt worse when I saw poor El getting ready for her date with Peter. I bet she wished she had never told Peter the truth. That probably wouldn't have stopped Peter from pursuing it anyway, but perhaps maybe something else would have happened?

I can only imagine how Neal feels. What an epic slap in the face. And if Neal was hoping to find out who he was by getting to know his father, this episode will only add to his identity crisis. If you ask me, though, Neal is an infinitely more forthright and forthcoming person, for what it's worth. I hope he doesn't forget that.

Do you suppose we'll start seeing Peter in an orange jump suit? I don't think this is a matter that get resolved in a single episode, as so many of our favorite cliffhangers have often been wrapped up like that. I wonder the impact the whole thing will have on Peter. How will he feel about Neal?

If it's even possible to change the subject when I'm so clearly shaken by this game changer, I really want to take a moment to appreciate the 103rd floor of the Empire State Building and all the sentimental and romantic things that took place there this evening.

I really adored that speech Neal gave to Sara when he proposed. Loved that he revealed he had another speech planned but meant the one he actually gave. I don't understand why they keep teasing us with the Neal and Sara possibilities and then rip them away. Please don't have them name their hypothetical children and then tell me it's over. It's just really cruel.

But another darn near miraculous thing happened, which was the epic blimp that transferred the all important contents of that box directly to Neal's porch. That was genius - and I want one.

I don't know how I'm going to survive not knowing how Neal and company will exonerate Peter! How will you Collars be spending the time?

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