Awkward Review: Out of Sync

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Awkward Season 3 kicked off this week, a little darker than we last left it with "Cha cha cha changes / Responsibility Irresponsible."

A Different View

Things felt a little different immediately, as Jenna and Tamara worked to get back into the rhythm they had lost over the summer after being apart for so long. At times, it seemed both parities were trying to be people they were not - and it forced Jenna to reevaluate her friendships and her ideas for the future.

But distance wasn't the only cause for any riff between Jenna and Tamara. They’re both becoming a little more like their boyfriends. Jenna became a little more like Matty over the summer, delving full-on into her relationship with him and staying a little more close to home.

Tamara, meanwhile, picked up Jake’s outgoingness and Jake, in turn, has blended a lot of Tamara-isms into his vocabulary.

Jenna’s constant wondering and examinations of her life and where she is going not only makes her a relatable character, but those traits also make her slightly jealous of what Tamara and Jake posssess. Jenna shared a lot with Jake, and some (or most) of the jealously she feels with them might be due to the fact that she misses that part of her relationship with Jake... and it could be one of the reasons why Jenna could tell Jake about her pregnancy scare and not Matty.

Elsewhere, Ricky Schwartz’s death was dark, bringing up a lot of unsavory feelings for a large section of Palos Verdes High’s population because most of the girls aren’t sure whether to feel complete hatred for him and celebrate his death... or find some empathy for him. Thankfully, Sadie doesn’t really know what empathy is. Which lead to the best eulogy possible for him: calling him a douchebag and then having an awesome keg party.

Speaking of Sadie, the rumor of her being pregnant spread throughout school, but Sadie denied it. We are witness to her eating and then making an excuse to throw up. Sadie’s parents are supposedly broke now, and her social image can take a serious hit if it were to get out. It’s a lot of stress to put on someone in high school, and I wonder if Sadie is turning to bulimia in an effort to feel like she’s in control over something in her life.

Finally, there’s also Jenna’s pregnancy scare. Kudos to Lacey for figuring out what Jenna was going through and giving her a speech not grounded in idealism but reality – even if she did get some of it off a sign. The scenes between them are surprisingly pragmatic rather than dramatic, and it could be a sign of MTV acknowledging Teen Mom or 16 and Pregnant are not something that needs to be part of the high school experience.

But most of all the scenes were sweet. Lacey did not hold judgment for Jenna, only the pregnancy test, and instead offered a shoulder and encouragement no matter what the outcome. Lacey would find a way to be happy for Jenna that was not contingent at all on over being a grandmother.

What did you think of Awkward’s Season premiere? Grade it!

Cha cha cha changes / Responsibility Irresponsible Review

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