Cougar Town Review: Changes Approved

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Cougar Town continued its tradition of telling emotional, one-hour bookends to its seasons with “Don’t Fade on Me” and "Have Love Will Travel."

The Hollywood Trip

Chick’s recurring memory issues this season were finally diagnosed: he has Alzheimer’s. The “Old Timers Disease” is one of the saddest diagnoses a family member can get, and Jules handled it in the best way she knew how: with positivity, some wine and by latching on to a crazy idea.

Jules wanting to grant Chick’s one wish, just so he has something so powerful to hold on to as his memories begin to slip away, was the greatest present she could possibly leave him with. It was a deep and emotionally resonating moment for a show that devotes nearly every title card to self-deprecation.

Jules wanted to stay strong and positive, but her greatest fear has the potential to come true. Not only is her parent’s quality of life diminishing, but there’s also a chance he won’t remember her or her loved ones (on a time table that is unpredictable, no less).

It came as no surprise the Cul-de-Sac Crew pulled out all the stops, including the Latino Connection, to grant Jules and Chick’s greatest wish.

Travis and Laurie’s multiple attempts to begin their relationship as lovers was mostly awkward throughout - and their kiss didn’t have the magic or spark I was hoping for; it might have been due to the overshadowing by Chick’s story, but I’m more inclined to believe that their awkwardness was completely intended. It’s supposed to be awkward, and things are supposed to be weird. Travis and Laurie have been friends and Travis has mostly carried on a one-sided creepy obsession with Laurie.

I do wish their kiss would have happened sooner, though. By the time they finally did smooch, the moment was met with a sigh of relief that they finally just made out instead of being met with yet another random obstacle or with thoughts that things might be stalled for next year.

That wraps up Cougar Town Season 4! What did you think of the season?

Other thoughts:

  • A Conan branded bus – great platform synergy TBS!
  • The One Man Band during Travis and Laurie’s kiss is Joshua Radin. His music is no stranger to Cougar Town.
  • Rest in peace Big Lou! I’m already a big fan of Big Tippi, though.
  • The Auto Trader ad was more out of place than the Target episode.
  • Grayson’s time in LA is a flashback episode I would kill for.
  • “Labia Tarpits”
  • Informal poll for Werther’s candy: chewy or hard?

Have Love Will Travel Review

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Cougar Town Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

Ellie: Stan the bartender?
Andy: We have a son named Stan.
Ellie: Oh, sure sure.

I just want to give him a memory that is so great that he will never forget it.