Grey's Anatomy Exclusive: Chandra Wilson on Bailey's CDC Trouble, Repercussions and More!

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It looks like Miranda Bailey is going to be in some hot water on this week's Grey's Anatomy episode ("Sleeping Monster") when she becomes the center focus of a CDC investigation regarding the death of some of her patients.

I recently spoke with the charmingly enthusiastic Chandra Wilson to discuss the upcoming ordeal, the repercussions and "enjoying the journey" of playing the tough and independent doctor.

Read on for excerpts from our Q&A...

Miranda in Crisis

So Bailey’s gotten herself into a big mess with the infection crisis. How will she handle it and will there be major consequences because of it?

Yes, she is kind of in a big old mess. Somebody actually made Miranda Bailey sit down. Now you do know, that that’s not something that happens easily. So basically the Center for Disease Control has to come in and do their due diligence. They have to get to the bottom of where this infection came from, how many other patients have been infected and how to get rid of it. That’s the normal course.

Were this any of Miranda’s other colleagues, she would tell them "Look. Sit down. Let them do their stuff and then go back to work afterwards." But she can’t take that advice. At all. There’s just no understanding for her as why she would even be considered as a possibility of having done something wrong.

Will finding out the cause be wrapped up this episode or is this storyline going to play out the rest of the season?

We will get to a cause in this episode, but it will certainly have repercussions for the rest of the season.

What did you enjoy about playing Bailey in “Sleeping Monster?"

Bailey’s ego always amazes me. It just does. When it comes to have anything to do with her, things are just so black and white for how she feels she should be treated. She just can’t understand why she doesn’t feel or see the rally of support from her colleagues that even though something’s gone wrong, they know that it’s not her. They’re having to work for the hospital right now and she can’t understand why that takes precedence over friendships and their working relationship.

Are we going to see Bailey and Ben together again before the season is over?

At some point it would seem like she would need to rely on her husband. She often forgets that whole being married part, doesn’t she?

Yeah, so, in the midst of feeling like she doesn’t have that support, does she think to call her husband and let him in on this? No, she doesn’t even think to call. So, that whole thing about being independent is really important to her. She really hasn’t learned how to allow someone to help her.

Will all of this propel her in a new direction for next season, especially because she is so stuck on being independent?

You know, her colleagues buying the hospital have put her in a really interesting position. She doesn’t have a financial stake in it. She’s still just an employee. There’s no job security. And here she has interns that she’s groomed as well as colleagues that were her equals that are now her boss. That’s certainly jarring. She has the genome map so that gives her a little bit of footing, but again, when you have to draw the line between being a board member and friend, the board member part has taken precedence. I think going forward it will make her question her stability in the hospital.

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