Happy Endings Review: Penny Made a Boo-Boo

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Penny’s attempts at trying to move on past Pete land her in the arms of the car czar in “The Ballad of Lon Saforsky.

The czar is just about the last man on Earth anyone would want to have sex with, and so naturally poor choices Penny ends up unable to quit him; much like Brad can’t stop inviting people over when he’s in an awkward or uncomfortable situation.

The Coupon Challenge

Penny’s desire to find a hookup to get Pete out of her system is perfectly fine, but it become old pretty quickly as I watched Penny continually jump into bed with the Czar. If Jane hadn’t done some smoothing over he may have never left her. Which is the biggest gripe I had: Penny makes a big decision to break of the engagement with Pete – showing a lot of courage and backbone on her part – and then she winds up stuck in another relationship with very little courage or backbone.

Max’s decision to enter the best gay man pageant isn’t the first one Max has entered, but the tricks and antics between Max, Alex, and Dave make it enjoyable. Dave’s impersonation of Sonny and Cher is both genius and slightly creepy, and Alex attempting to school Max in throwing just the right amount of shade also got me.

"Un-sabotagable" is the stronger comedy of the hour, however, with Mark Paul Gosselaar making a quick cameo as one of Max’s very upset ex-boyfriends.

Eliza Coupe has proven to be versatile with Jane’s neuroses, and is able to keep them fresh and interesting even when they’re bordering on overused. Jane’s attempts to make over Max, her pull down diagrams for areas of improvement, and learning that Max’s life is so terrible that not even his ex wants to attempt to sabotage are hilarious.

Jane using her powers for good and making over Max is a great start to sabotage-ability, and I really enjoy seeing put together Max once in a while, but we all knew it was never going to last. Max is the type of guy who is going to use his front door for a headboard and find gum in his hair.

Dave’s attempts at sabotaging Alex’s groupons are mostly a reflection of him being just as crazy and impulsive as Alex, but in different areas. Dave talks a big game, but he’s sometimes just a carbon copy of Alex with a better vocabulary.  Chase’s subsequent monologue of doom for Max at the closing of the episode is rather amazing – no, not the monologue itself – but the reaction it brings out in the rest of everyone else. They couldn’t care less about what Chase said only his perfect timing.

The Ballad of Lon Sarofsky Review

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