Happy Endings Review: The End of the Affair

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If 2012 was the "year of Penny," then tonight was the "night of Penny and Pete." Alas, in case you thought the writers forgot about Penny's upcoming nuptials the way ABC forgot about how awesome Happy Endings is, fear not. "She's Got Game Night" and "The Storm Before the Calm" were all about P & P.

Unfortunately, it wasn't all smooth sailing. While Penny and Pete whooped butt at couples game night, even beating Jane and Brad (say what?!?), they found that they had bigger issues to deal with.

A Competitive Game Night

It started off innocently enough. Penny was jazzed about the wedding when she ran into an old friend. Suddenly her subconscious seeped in and she was questioning whether she and Pete knew each other all that well. When Jane added to that insecurity by saying that Penny and Pete had the rest of their lives to get to know each other, Penny decided she needed to prove that no, everything was just dandy. What better way to prove how well you know your significant other than couples game night?!

Competing against Jane in anything is...well, frightening to say the least. The only thing that turns Jane on more than competition is making lists and people agreeing with her. So it was off the races. Imagine walking into Jane and Brad's apartment to find them chanting in matching track suits?

Winners win and losers lose and alcoholics they just booze. They win at drinking, that’s their thing but our thing’s always just win-ning. We’re Brad and Jane, let’s start the game. Sup suckas? | permalink

In the end, couples game night really didn't prove anything. Brad and Jane tanked and they're one of the best TV couples of all time. Even Max and stalker Scottie did better than them! Alex and Dave never showed because of the dumbest b-story ever about Dave and some psychics. Let's not even go there. Ultimately Penny just didn't have that gut feeling about Pete. Cue: the breakup cocoon.

The second episode "The Storm Before The Calm" was all about how Penny deals with a breakup. I have to say, that scene where Max walked into Penny's breakup cocoon too early when she was all Exorcist style was hilarious. The play wasn't my favorite part of the episode. It was just a little over the top.

I know, I know Happy Endings is over the top and that's why we love it. Just something about "The Black Plague: A Love Story" was a touch too much on the crazy scale. I kind of preferred the Max and Alex idiot tastemaker scam. Watching the two of them try and sell products and not realize they were getting completely gipped was awesome; As was how jealous Jane acted not to be included.

By the way, you know you're not promoting a cool product when you get Dave's endorsement. Case in point: 

Those are cool. And this is coming from a guy who wore a bandana around his jeans leg in high school, so I know what I speak of. | permalink

Oh boy. The bandana around the jeans leg. I can picture it so well! At least Dave and Brad saved the day with Penny's disastrous play. Who knew how easily they would both be seduced into the theater world? Sorry Derek, but Brad definitely would've made a better Clete. 

Well R.I.P. Penny & Pete. You guys had a good run. I was proud of Penny for dealing with her breakup in a new way. What did you all think of the latest Happy Endings happy hour?

She's Got Game Night Review

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