Lost Girl Exclusive: Emily Andras on Mythology, Monogomy and More

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Lost Girl is down to its last episode of the season and it's sure to be a doozy.

The Lost Girl season 3 finale, "Those Who Wander," picks up seamlessly from last week's "Hail, Hale." Lauren, Dyson and Aife are imprisoned at Isaac's lab, while Bo contends with a wounded Tamsin. Kenzi is in the Morrigan's custody at the Dal. And Trick is locked in a car trunk. The final two episodes could easily have been aired back-to-back as a two-hour finale.

Even though the show is currently on hiatus, Executive Producer Emily Andras took time to answer a few questions via email about the show's mythology, romances and more.


Lost Girl has a passionate fandom that is heavily invested in Bo's romantic life and the show also has a dense mythology. Throughout season 3, there was a balance between the two, which do you see as the guiding force of the show?

Hmm, a tough one, right out of the gate! The mythology, the world of the Fae, and the various relationships on the show -- as well as its wit and sense of fun -- are all equally important to the show's success. And the right balance between each element is critical if we want to continue to keep our fanbase engaged, as well as (hopefully) see it grow! 

But if I had to boil down the 'driving force of the show' I would say it's more thematic than anything, and applies to most of the characters we've come to love: can you even be 'good' enough to make up for past wrongs? Can you choose whom you want to be vs. whom others insist you were destined to be? Can you ever truly live the life you choose? These philosophical questions, particularly as it relates to Bo's journey, are ultimately what fuel Lost Girl

Lost Girl Cast Season 3

Several major reveals happened off-screen in season 3, for example Bo and Lauren's reconciliation after Kenzi's kidnapping and Bo finding out Dyson got his love for her back, were those not shown for specific storytelling reasons?

When the audience already knows the answers to questions posed by one character to another, it isn't always good TV to watch said character re-hash it. For example, the audience saw what happened when Kenzi went to the Norn with her trusty chainsaw. If we had to then watch Kenzi go on and on explaining herself to Bo, it would be redundant. Scenes should always contain/reveal new information for the audience, to keep up the pace of an episode. On the other hand, we need to build suspense and keep you coming back week in and week out. That's why we sometimes deliberately want to leave you guessing as to whether a conversation will happen (onscreen) or already has happened (offscreen) -- and how the consequences of said conversation will play out. It's a choice, for sure.

Poor Kenzi gets in the worst Fae-related situations. She ate nasty soup, had the rash, was kidnapped, and now she's being held prisoner because she's a human. Will she ever catch a break?

Kenzi catching a break? Well, she met Bo, which she would say was the best thing that ever happened to her. And though her life has become more complicated and dangerous as a result, I think she would argue it's also given it meaning in a way she never dared hope. She's also one of my favorite characters, so I like to see her run the gamut of emotions...so, maybe, someday!

A question that keeps coming up: Why is Tamsin living in her car?

LOL. Tamsin has a lot of self-loathing, so she probably doesn't think she deserves a real home. She's also worked with a lot of bad dudes and dudettes, probably made some powerful enemies...so she always wants to be able to make a quick break for it.

A major debate within the fandom is whether or not Bo could sufficiently feed from one being. There's been evidence to suggest both answers. Do you see that as an answered question for Bo? Can you settle the debate?

As in, can Bo be wholly monogamous? I would say that's definitely still a work in progress ;)

The season finale network previews have been very revealing. Is there anything you want to tease about the finale?

I'm pretty stoked about it and will be excitedly following the #LostGirl hashtag on twitter. It's been such a pleasure engaging with the fans throughout the season, and I hope they're sufficiently psyched after Sunday to follow us into season four -- and beyond!

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