Nikita Review: Freedom or Death?

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At first, "Tipping Point" appeared to be a Nikita episode about Michael getting a fully operational arm again. But turned into so much more. Wow. 

What a freaking twist! I didn't see it coming at all, did you? Even on my second viewing of the episode, I didn't find any glaring clues the Alex was behind the mutiny. It was obvious that Amanda did something to her, but the extent of Alex's shift in mind frame was utterly shocking. Kudos to the writers and to Lyndsy Fonseca for her outstanding performance.

Considering Prosthetic

In "Inevitability," Ryan and Nikita took back total control of Division and re-committed to bringing in the Dirty Thirty, shutting down Division, and getting everyone their freedom. They completely shut down Division's role in black operations for the US government. While the search for the Dirty Thirty may have been happening in the background, Michael set out on his own to find a better solution to replace his artificial arm.

Heidecker may have been trafficking in children, but his organization named "The Shop" by Birkhoff had the capability to replace Michael's arm and he wasn't going to ignore that option. He headed out on his own to get the data to find them. What started out as a simple mission for Michael and Nikita turned into something much more dangerous for them and unexpectedly for the safety of Division.

While it makes sense that Michael would want to get a working arm back, was the cost worth it? Jason died after he volunteered to help infiltrate the Chinese company and steal the prion in exchange for a new arm. He gave his life for Michael's arm. That alone was an enormous cost, but it had even farther reaching consequences.

After Alex revealed that the US government was willing to exterminate everyone at Division, a mutiny was formed. Rachel and others were working on a plan to escape from Division. Their initial plan to blow up the tracker data on the Division servers failed, but they were determined to come up with another way. After Jason died on a side mission for Nikita and Michael, the mutiny's recruitment expanded.

At first, I couldn't understand why they wouldn't trust Ryan and Nikita after they revealed everything. Though, after considering what I would do if I was in Rachel's position, it made more sense. Percy, Amanda, and even Ryan and Nikita lied to them. Why would they believe them now? After everything they have been through, why wouldn't they take matters into their own hands now that they can?

Only they don't understand the greater consequences of their actions. A mutiny could force the government to take final and complete action to get rid of Division. The mutineers are unwittingly putting them all in danger. In order to shut it down and protect everyone, Sean set up a trap and it caught Rachel. She was the one that hacked the computer system to allow access to the server room.

She may have claimed to be the leader, but she messed up. IT WAS ALEX! What?!?! That was such a shock. Even though it was clear that Alex hadn't been herself since South Ossetia, it never crossed anyone's mind that she was involved with the mutiny. Amanda manipulated Alex's memories about her time in the brothel and transferred her regrets over not saving the girls there to the operatives at Division.

Alex was determined to rewrite her history by being the savior of the souls at Division. And, she went as far as shooting Ryan and then convincing Rachel to take the fall. Alex may be somewhat delusional, but she still has her training. Going forward, will Alex be able to keep her true intentions a secret from those around her? Especially from Sean? 

It was disappointment to see Alex go through with the mutiny plans, shoot Ryan, and use Rachel to cover it up even after hearing Nikita's plan for dealing with the mutineers. Nikita gave Alex an out, but she wasn't able to overcome Amanda's programming to see the right path to take.

Nikita: We're going to march them out in front of everyone ... and we're going to forgive them. This isn't the old Division anymore. | permalink

There is some hope that Alex will reveal herself though. After Rachel was captured, Alex and Nikita had a discussion about her plan and the ultimate outcome. It provided insight into Alex's beliefs on the matter and if she continues to be that open, Nikita will see through her.

Nikita: So she wants us all dead.
Alex: She wants everyone to be free. | permalink

Or, perhaps, Nikita will get through to Alex that if the mutiny succeeds that it won't end in freedom, but in death for them all. Either way, it's a dangerous road that's ahead for everybody at Division. Plus, now there is a potential additional threat from "The Shop." And, of course, Amanda is still out there and determined to make Nikita pay.

Were you shocked when Alex was revealed as the leader of the mutiny? Should Michael have made the deal to get a new arm? Who is the biggest threat to Division right now? Mutiny? Amanda? The Shop?

Tipping Point Review

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