Parks and Recreation Review: Skim Milk is a Lie

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As much as I love the more complex episodes that deal with Leslie getting tied in knots over Pawnee politics, I do thoroughly enjoy the simpler, more straight forward Parks and Recreation, like "Partridge" that just have April, Andy, Tom, and Ron dealing with good old fashioned ridiculousness.

Those four need to have stories together more often because their part of tonight's worked really well.

Combine April's penchant for lying and getting under Ron's skin with Tom's ability to entertain and Andy's over the top honesty and you've got the perfect recipe for comic gold. Even Jamm couldn't ruin this episode for me, probably because he played a minimal role and wasn't on screen as much as the Parks department crew.

Ben's Home Town

Ron's line about skim milk, hence the title of this review, was perhaps one of the best Ron Swanson quotes ever dropped. And Ben on morphine is basically a hippie. Leslie and Ben's love for one another was pretty sweet tonight, but the show never goes into sugar territory. Parks and Rec always does a nice job of being a warm, heartfelt sitcom without venturing into saccharine Full House lesson-of-the-week territory.

I didn't even mind Chris and Ann's storyline, mostly because Donna got a great line off and again, it had a heartfelt ending. Although at this point, even with their compatibility issues, I'm still wondering if Ann and Chris are going to get together in a more traditional way. It's probably best that they don't, but my curiosity is piqued.

Another good episode for the books. See you next week!

Partridge Review

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