Revolution Review: Haunting

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"Ghosts" revealed some of the events leading up to the blackout and the repercussions of it that still haunt certain Revolution characters, notably Rachel and Flynn.

The Thick of the Fight

Even as Rachel continues her attempts to at reconnecting with Charlie, she acknowledges (indirectly) that their relationship is still strained and that Miles has a better emotional connection with Charlie. In their small time together, they’ve built a bond that Rachel can’t compete with; Rachel is still stuck in this limbo between being an active parent and being a resistance fighter.

The weight and responsibility of Rachel’s actions heavily influence and drive her decision making process; she admits her own faults as a mother, but doesn’t want to let those faults get in the seeing more children die.

A recurring part of Revolution Season 1 is this form of dramatic irony the villains are under. Everyone wants to remake the world in his/her own image, the blackout happens to be the starting point to starting anew, and they believe that power in the hands of the few can create a new and perfect universe.

Flynn believes this and Monroe believes a version of it as well. They are both driven by good intentions that have gone askew somewhere down the line, and they cling to the hope that by wielding power no one else can access they can reshape their surroundings into something better or greater than what came before; conveniently disregarding what happens when some people have everything and some have nothing.

Miles’ decision to recruit his band of buddies, again, to try to assassinate Monroe - again! - is repetitive. Miles has had two chances to kill Monroe now, but instead lets him live out of respect for the friendship they once shared. Why go see the wizard again? Miles has proven he’s not the go to guy capable of killing Monroe. At this point, Rachel or Charlie should go kill him – at least their intent to kill to Monroe wouldn’t be in question.

Revolution did reveal more details leading up to the blackout. Flynn is the one who gave the go ahead signal to unleash “the virus” that originates from the tower, and Ben and Rachel still don’t believe that their testing is thorough enough nor is Flynn’s timetable acceptable.

Other Thoughts

  • Miles sure can rip through bad guys.
  • Congratulations are in order to Charlie for being a badass and for finally showing some emotion.
  • More shout outs to Stephen King tonight.

Ghosts Review

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