Southland Review: What Was Ben Thinking?!?

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The line between the good guys and the bad continued to blur on Southland, as "The Felix Paradox" threw in some curves I didn't see coming.

A Deadly Funeral

What the heck was Ben Sherman thinking?  

First, he's carrying on relationships with two woman. Then he decided to ditch good girl Brooke for the gang banger's sister.  

I just about applauded Brooke when she barged into the Men's Room to finish the argument with Ben. He was going with the, if I'm a big enough ass she'll walk away, page from the guy's breakup playbook. She was having none of it. I bet the last thing he expected was to have the grade school teacher turn on him.  

Sherman's been in a strange place for a while as he's seemed determined to shed his good guy, straight laced image he had when he was a rookie. But it looks like he may have taken his transformation a bit too far.  

Yes, Sammy should have destroyed that tape but sending Elena's gang banger brother to break into his home and retrieve it was going too far. And now it's gone wrong in more ways than Ben can count.

The babysitter ended up in the hospital. Little Nate was found crying in the closet and Sammy's about to start a war with a gang that had nothing to do with the break in. Plus, you know that the moment Elena's brother finds himself in a jam he'll turn on Ben in a heartbeat. This situation could go from bad to worse quickly and I don't think Sherman can stop it.

I only hope this break in doesn't hurt Sammy's chances of getting full custody of Nate, especially since Tammi was nice enough to sabotage her own case with a DUI and half a pharmacy in the back seat.

Lydia and Ruben ended up investigating the death of a cop's son that lead them on the path of police corruption. I understood both sides as Lydia wanted to bring bad cops to justice and Ruben desired to turn the entire thing over to Internal Affairs.  Right or wrong, taking down other cops leaves a stigma that has consequences. At least the cops in IA signed up for that job.

It was great to see Russell again. I've wondered what had become of him for quite some time. He was the one partner Lydia truly meshed with. I hope we get to see more of him before Southland Season 5 ends.

I would have never guessed that Lucero and his wife were separated. He works so hard to pull off the illusion of a happily married guy with a loving family. It's sad to know that that's not the case.  

Perhaps witnessing the heartbreak of the people around him was what drove John to tell his ex-wife he wanted to have a child with her. It may be unorthodox but it could also bring great joy into both their lives. John certainly deserves it. 

Once again Southland had me shocked and awed. With only two more episodes left in Southland season 5, it's anyone's guess what they'll hit us with next.

The Felix Paradox Review

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