Vegas Review: Walking Away a Winner

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"Past Lives" brought about the reunion I'd been longing for coupled with a side story I didn't see coming but probably should have.

Savino Plays Dirty

I've always been impressed with Mia and tonight's episode was no exception.  Even when Harry showed up twitchy and nervous, demanding $20,000 in cash and waving a gun, Mia was all business.  The worse things got, the calmer Mia became. It's as though you could see the calculations going on in her mind as she tried to figure out what to do next.

As usual she and Jack made a great team.  They were both so calm, yet so in sync. Even being handcuffed didn't stop their banter in this Vegas quote

Jack: I guess a guy will do anything to get close to you.
Mia: Never a dull moment between us. | permalink

When Harry let Mia go and dragged Jack off I kept waiting for her to say something to him, but the look in her eyes said it all.  She was devastated. She truly believed he wasn't coming back and the horror of their situation left her silent.

In a way, that made their reunion all the better.  That kiss had been a long time coming.  I doubt the love story between the deputy and the mob boss' daughter will ever run smooth but it will certainly always be interesting.

The bright shine of Dixon and Yvonne's new relationship was tarnished with a dose of 1960s racist reality.  Until the moment they showed the Colored Only sign the difference in their skin color never even occurred to me. But in 1960 that was a huge obstacle. It's sad to think it may still be for some people in 2013.

But it was great to see Dixon man up for a girl worth having…

Dixon: There may be things I can't change but I'm not giving up. I know when something's worth fighting for. | permalink

These two make a really cute couple.  I hope we get to see more of them.

Katherine seems to have her share of suitors but I was disappointed she was still giving Agent Byrne the green light to try and woo her.  His tactics against the Savoy's employees were over the line and people with no ties to the mob or criminal activity were made to suffer for his fishing expedition. I was surprised Katherine let him off the hook so easily. 

That said, Ralph really needs to do something besides snarl at Katherine whenever they disagree. If he's interested in more than a working relationship then it is past time to make that clear. 

We didn't see a lot of Savino  but at least he found a way to take down Gainsley that didn't end with the arrogant rancher being buried in the desert…although something tells me that's still an option.    

In the end, with my favorite Vegas couple reunited, I was happy to call the entire episode a win.

Past Lives Review

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