Beauty and the Beast Review: The Flip Phone and the Smart Phone

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Finally seeing two beasts in the same room, shaking hands instead of one alone with his hands shaking, was the overall premise of "Date Night," despite the more uplifting title. Even thought the final scene showed us a nastier side of Gabe Lowen, I'm not buying it.

We jumped right into the hour with Gabe corralling Cat at an upscale hotel to gather intel on Vincent. Once he learned more about her and how she felt about her own beast, it seemed he was going to lay it all on the line in the hope she would be willing to work with him to bring stability into Vincent's life. He was right.

As for Gabe, his speech about wanting to be able to control himself like Vincent was compelling and, I believe, completely true. He said he would be take his life before he knew the end would be himself running amok and out of control as a beast, having no knowledge of what he was up to while he was in that state. 

A Special Date

All he was asking for was a blood sample from Vincent to see what it was in the later beast versions that the scientists achieved to stabilize so much more than he exhibits. Since Gabe was basically version 1.0, and has been turning since the age of four, he's depended upon medications originally supplied by Cat's mom to keep him from turning. If he doesn't take the meds, he turns. Period. I can't imagine living a life like that, especially from such a young age.

I'm looking forward to seeing scenes from Gabe's past when he didn't get his medication on time and was a 6-year-old beast. What that might have been like would breathe a lot life into his character and lend a lot of credence into why he's willing to go so far to survive. There's almost a point where you'd think he would want to give up. Taking so much medication and getting so little time from each pill, it makes sense that he was tracking Vincent and would want to see what makes him different.

Meanwhile, after a pregnancy scare at the beginning of the hour, both Cat and Vincent had normalcy on their minds. The possibility of a cure or even a temporary stop to the unprovoked changes were very attractive. It would mean they could have a date, and maybe, someday, their life with a house, a family, a dog - the dream. 

As with everything in life, there is always a catch. I wondered why J.T. didn't analyze what was in Gabe's meds before Vincent popped one in his mouth, and the bad feelings were swirling around in my head as Cat and Vincent were swimming happily in the hotel pool at the same time J.T. was analyzing the medication. While the news wasn't all bad - Vincent wasn't going to break into a rage in public - the medication would kill him if he continued to take them. According to J.T., in three years tops. 

But could the same effects be achieved with a less lethal potion made to Vincent's specifications? We knew he was going to consider taking them to maintain his normal life with Catherinem even though she protested. Much like a cancer patient giving up Chemotherapy to live out their lives without the side effects, he was willing to do the opposite - poison his body to get those great years with the love of his life. 

So here's hoping J.T. doesn't just get the news and give up the fight. After all, isn't that what they've been after for years? Finding that one formula might be lethal shouldn't be the end. 

It was weird having a fight scene where Vincent was forced to fight as just plain ole Vincent. Cat and Vincent could certainly hold their own, but she suggested that since he went against her wishes and took a second pill, he should probably take the stairs and get the hell out of there.

We had on our hands a quotastic episode tonight, so check out The Beauty and the Beast quotes page. Tess was on fire, and then J.T. joined the fray. Even Vincent was winging them, making it not only tense and exciting, but extremely amusing. The best writing can take the most tense moments and toss in some humor.

Vincent: Okay quit worrying about meeting Sarah's parents. We got a bigger problem on our hands. Like there's someone else with corrupted DNA.
J.T.: Oh God - she is pregnant?
Vincent: No, Gabe.
J.T.: Gabe got her pregnant? | permalink

By the end of the episode, the bromance that had been kindled between Vincent and Gabe was a giant question mark again. Tyler analyzed Vincent's blood and whatever they need from it would work, but she said it would kill him. Gabe acted as if he didn't care. Here's why I don't believe that "eh, whatever" attitude.

He owes his life to Cat's mother, he knows Vincent is just as much a victim as he is and they did find a common understanding in the short time the spent together. Those three things will continue to grow on his conscience and he'll soon be looking for another way to make a cure for himself without sacrificing Vincent. Y'all didn't believe me about Evan Marks, and I was right. Just sayin.

As an aside, beastly Vincent seems more refined than beastly Gabe. They really did come a long way in their trials as time went on. It's still shocking that Gabe doesn't remember being the beast. I wonder if Tyler or anyone has ever filmed him so he knows what he is, or if he's been too afraid to watch. That might play in Vincent's favor, too.

Two final notes. I still can't get on board with Joe being in love with Tess. If he was in love with her, he'd be getting a divorce. As it stands, he's infatuated and wants to have sex with her. Tess deserves more. Until he's willing to break off his marriage to be with the woman he is totally in love with, then he's lying.

All I could think of as Cat and Vincent were kissing into the end credits was how horrible it must have smelled next to that dumpster. Better places to kiss in the future please!

One episode left in the season and then the writers will go to town on how to rock our worlds for Season 2. What did you think of the episode and do you really think Gabe would kill Vincent? Really? Comment away! 

Date Night Review

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