Body of Proof Review: The Cost of Justice

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"Breakout" was a bit of an odd episode to review and it took a little research to figure out why. 

Apparently, it was filmed as the third episode of the season, or so I've read, which would explain some character interactions that made little sense in the given time line of the show.

Prisoner Escape

I don't know why the powers that be chose to wait to show this episode now as the second to last of the season, but I found the disjointed character arcs jarring to watch.

First off Megan was, to put it bluntly, more of a b*tch than we've seen her be in a while. She's obviously mellowed somewhat over the course of Body of Proof season 3 because I found her scenes with Ethan and Adam particularly harsh.

Megan and Adam were just getting to know one another here and I appreciated that although he was uncomfortable with her questioning, he stood up to her and didn't back down. I wish we had seen this sooner in the year as it added some depth to their current relationship of which we weren't previously aware.

Tommy and Megan's working relationship was also quite new as well. Again, it was another distraction that took away from my enjoyment of the show.

But enough on the timeline issues. Let's talk about the case...

When Robert Riley broke out of that prison van, I kept hoping that it would take more than a paperclip to pop open prison handcuffs. If not I'd think we'd have suspects and escaped convicts running amok.

Megan's reluctance to have a protection detail was simply annoying. Wasn't her daughter kidnapped this season? Wouldn't that cause any rational person to act more cautiously. Well, anyone but Megan.

As Tommy said in this Body of Proof quote…

Tommy: You know, for a smart woman you can be pretty damn stupid sometimes. | permalink

I thought he was being kind. A convicted murderer whom she testified against was on the loose with a possible revenge agenda and Megan ditched the one person sent to protect her. Stupid was an understatement.

In the end, I felt for Robert Riley. He lost his girlfriend and four years of his life. I even felt a little sorry for Emmet Harrington. His wife cheated on him, was murdered and his next wife just got carted off to prison for the crime. I suppose money can't buy happiness…but it can buy off witnesses and even the occasional District Attorney.

The DA came off as more a a deceptive villain here instead of just the smarmy politician we'd seen most of this season. I didn't think I could like him less. I was wrong. And after his dirty tactics on this case I think even less of Kate for continuing to play his game.

One of the scenes that made me the happiest was Ethan and Curtis saying they had plans to see "Raiders of the Lost Ark" on an IMAX screen in a 70mm print. My first reaction was that I wanted to join them. My next was to question whether such a thing really exists. I'll be Googling it after I post this review.

With ABC announcing the show's cancellation I was even more disappointed that this was one of my least favorite Body of Proof episodes in what has otherwise been a stellar season. Perhaps if they had kept the original order, I wouldn't feel that way.  

I've got my fingers crossed that the rumors of a cable network picking up the series may work out but either way, I look forward to the season - or should I say SERIES - finale in two weeks.

Breakout Review

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