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"Daddy Issues" brought Body of Proof full circle, as Megan Hunt finally got answers concerning her father's death... and made some decisions about her future. 

There was plenty to enjoy in this hour. Megan was finally able to exhume her father's remains, only to find they weren't there. That was the moment I knew that whatever happened to David Hunt, his wife wasn't involved.


I had always wondered why Joan fought so vehemently to keep the details surrounding her husband's death a secret. But I suppose it was simply the guil of a grieving widow who believed she should have seen the signs in her supposedly suicidal husband. 

When Joan heard that his body had gone missing, she was truly shocked and finally understood that Megan's suspicions were correct. It was quite the turn around from the anger she'd been exuding over Megan's investigation. 

Tommy certainly stepped up his game. Even though Megan had previously told him they were over, he still wouldn't leave her side. He was there when the exhumation took place and I appreciated when he told Megan that she could still walk away and keep the picture of her father the way he was in her mind.

Megan's answer was perfect. What was left in that casket (or should have been left in it) wasn't who David Hunt was, it was simply what little was left behind.

The finale also gave us insights into many of out other favorite characters. 

Ethan was considering field work. Curtis admitted how much he loved exactly what he was doing right now and had no intention of leaving. And Kate had second thoughts about her political career, which was a relief considering how much I'd despised that story line all season.

It'd been so long since we'd seen Kate work on a facial reconstruction that I'd all but forgotten that it was her speciality. Curtis was right. It may have been the first time we saw her truly smile all year.

On top of it all, we had a myriad of suspects. Earl Brown was a suitably creepy serial killer who couldn't wait to relive the memory of his kills. That was the greatest tell that he was indeed speaking the truth when he said he hadn't murdered Lindsey. If he had, he would have relished sharing every sick and gory detail.

But this was where things got a little murky. I figured that retired Detective Fitz wasn't the killer because he seemed too obvious. However it was difficult to watch Megan burst in on Tommy's interrogation. She just couldn't trust him to do his job and get results.  

More often than not, Megan's stubborn independence and need to do every job herself blinds her to other ways of getting it done.

As much as I loved Trent Marsh in the past, his introduction here felt a bit off. As if they were trying too hard to find a place for him within this story. But I did like his conversation with Megan in the parking garage. It was as though she were speaking to the Grim Reaper himself. If she had pointed him in the right direction, he would have gladly killed for her. I had to agree with his assessment in this Body of Proof quote

Trent: What punishment could possibly be fitting enough for the one who inexcusably robbed you of what was so dear? | permalink

The problem was the no punishment or revenge would ever bring back what was lost or replace the decades of pain Megan had already endured. 

Just as I was pleasantly surprised that Police Chief Martin was acting human for the first time all season, I found out it was all a ruse. Story wise her explanation made sense. But the answers all came a little too fast to be truly satisfying. Unfortunately that may have simply been the downfall of only having a 13 episode this season.

But I am incredibly grateful that we and Megan found the answers she'd been searching for for so long. And I was thrilled that she finally saw the man Tommy had become instead of the one she had left 20 years before. He's been steadfastly standing by her all season, even when anyone else would have run in the opposite direction.  

Their final scene practically had me in tears. It's about time Megan was truly able to let her walls down and take comfort in someone else. I couldn't be happier that that person was Tommy.

I'm truly saddened that this is the end of Body of Proof. Season 3 has been the best of the series so far and this finale only makes me want to know what comes next for these wonderfully quirky, original characters. Sometimes, the TV gods are just plain cruel.

Daddy Issues Review

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Body of Proof Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Tommy: Look Megan, the ball was in your court. You took it out of play.
Megan: It didn't take you long to find another game.

I didn't want to leave you Pumpkin but like I said, this world is not for me.

David Hunt