Game of Thrones Review: 'Til Lust Do Us Part

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Everyone loves a wedding, right?

Well, it wasn't exactly Kate and William, but Sansa and Tyrion's big day took center stage this week on "Second Sons."

Sansa, dutiful as ever, put on a good face, but having Joffrey be the one to walk her down the aisle just added insult to emotional injury. Poor girl, not only were none of her family there, there wasn't even the slightest hint of a wedding march. Unfortunately for Tyrion, most of his house was there, including his father who tried to put a stop to his son's fun to insure his offspring didn't drink away his ability to consummate the marriage. 

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Both he and Sansa are unwilling pawns, thrown together in a fight for position in the great game of power. Tyrion certainly had no delusions about his role at this point, but still showed his big heart when he tried to lessen Sansa's dread before the ceremony.

You won't be a prisoner after today, you'll be my wife. | permalink

He of course immediately acknowledged how that wasn't necessarily an improvement. The self-proclaimed "god of tits and wine" drinks so much because he can't stand the world around him or his role in it. There wasn't enough wine in the Seven Kingdoms that could help him get over how unfair a situation this was for both of them, not to mention just how young Sansa is.

So in the end he passed out and showed what a stand up guy he is. He may have also restored Shae's faith in him, as had a look of delight on her face when she saw the bedsheets were unmarred. I loved how she came barging into the bed chamber with no regard for how loud she was being, no doubt trying to stir her lover's looming hangover out of spite. 

Back in the forest, Arya had a chance to make sure The Hound never saw the dawn of another day, but the threat of two broken hands if she failed to deliver a death blow proved a bit too daunting. She soon learned Sandor might not just be as bad a man as she had thought. She was shocked to learn of his plans to return her to her family. Sure, he wants a reward for doing so, but as he is no longer Joffrey's attack dog, he showed not every ounce of decency has been beaten out of him just yet.  

He did indeed save one Stark daughter and is now trying to deliver a second to salvation. 

After being taken captive himself, Gentry was just waiting for the other shoe to fall as Melisandre rolled out the Red Witch carpet for him upon returning to Dragonstone. I had thought the whole point to her buying the bastard son of Robert was to impregnate herself with a royal heir because Stannis had not been up to the task. Instead, she seemed more fixed on making him a sacrifice, perhaps some kind of black magic Viagra to help Stannis get his sword up. Thanks to Davos's council, I think Stannis convinced Melisandre to use the leaches in lieu of the blade.

The bloodletting would allow Stannis to show his old friend what Melisandre had showed him, while also sparing the young man who was of his own blood. 

Stannis got real deep while visiting Davos in his cell. While I admire Stannis's faith in his one true god, anyone who has ever been to a Phish show can tell you that seeing visions in flames is not proof of anything real. Then he went on about how we don't choose our destiny and all. Where he may have gotten a little ahead of himself was when he rhetorically asked what one bastard boy's life is worth when matched against the fate of an entire kingdom. Jon Snow may have had something to say about that - and very well might still. 

There seemed to be a number of possible little hints about other story lines this week, like the one just mentioned. Was it just a coincidence that the story Davos was trying to sound out and read was that of Dany's ancestor and his dragon? I don't think so, nor do I think it was chance that the sentence he read described how even the smallest of dragons can eventually swallow a horse whole.

Dany we know, can read and speaks several languages.  Missandei funnily enough did point out how her Dothraki accent needed some work, but she also praised Dany's fluency in High Valyrian. I couldn't help but think of Talisa's fondness for corresponding in the same language. 

Daario Naharis certainly spoke to Dany unlike any man has since the passing of Khal. She seemed taken with him from their first encounter. Ignoring the crude comments and advances of Mero, she seemed very interested in how Daario had risen in rank so fast at such a young age, not unlike her own ascent to power. There most certainly was some chemistry there, even if Dany didn't leave much left to be uncovered. I cannot wait to see how it plays out. 

I just knew that obsidian dagger Samwell found was going to be important. It remains to be seen if it was forged in the fires of a dragon or Hell itself, but it most certainly was effective against the white walker. But then the daft fool goes and leaves it on the ground as he and Gilly made a run for it. That fumble was most deserving of an ESPN "C'mon Man!

No sign of Jamie, Jon, Bran or Robb this week, but there was little room in the hour for their story lines, especially when you had Tyrion and his sister just owning every scene they were in. 

Cersei: If you ever call me sister again ill have you strangled in your sleep. | permalink

However, Lady Olenna trying to make sense of all the changes to their collective family trees at the wedding reception was possibly the funniest moment of the episode. 

Joffrey cannot die soon enough and his performance tonight just added fuel to my fiery hatred for the little king. Taking the step ladder away from Tyrion was cold blooded and threatening Sansa just plain eee-vil.  

Only two episodes left, I can't believe it. What arc are you most intrigued by at this point and who do you think we will see meet their demise before the end of Game of Thrones Season 3?

Second Sons Review

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