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Nick’s fate in "Goodnight, Sweet Grimm" might have become obvious in the final minutes of the finale, but watching those suspicions play out didn’t lessen the weight of it. They only made it more exciting.

Hunting the Undead

Nick’s capture was a complete game changer because it affects everyone - and his potential trip back to Europe is exciting because it opens up the opportunity to learn more about the Royal Family aside from Eric and Renard’s spy. It’s an opportunity to learn all about the rich, but completely elusive, backstory Grimm has been building over the course of the series.

Speaking of Renard and Eric, the scenes between them were fabulous. The tension and underlying anger between the two, and Renard’s nonexistent place within the family, was palpable, with Eric as manipulative as ever, attempting to bait Renard with a real place in the family.

Renard has been very protective of Nick and completely immune to all of his family’s advances. And Nick out of Renard’s protection provides an opportunity to know what his real goals and plans are and if everyone else really can trust him.

The newer dynamic between Juliette and Nick is a welcome change of pace from the rest of Grimm Season 2 (even if I’m still bitter about the incredibly boring journey it took to get here), but with the season now complete where things (might) be heading in Juliette’s arc isn’t quite as poor as I originally assumed.

There’s a bit of beautiful symmetry to all of it. Juliette has taken a long journey towards remembrance and acceptance of Nick and what his life entails only for him to be ripped out of her life just as things were getting good for them. This abduction gives Juliette a chance to find Nick and bring him out of his own state of loss. It also increases Juliette’s chances of working with the rest of Team Nick to ease her learning curve.

Adalind’s journey to regain her powers entered its final phase as she and Stefania knowingly led Frau Pech down a path of deception. There was a moment there that I believed Frau Pech had won, but Stefania’s increasingly longer monologue of their plan made it obvious they knew Frau Pech had taken their bait.

But Adalind’s fate is still very confusing. Adalind basically confirms she’s about to regain her powers, but the cost of doing so is relatively unknown. Yes, she killed Frau Pech and they have her still beating heart, but does she still have a royal baby inside of her? Has her contract been fulfilled?

Two More Observations:

  1. Once again, Nick has the good sense to keep the key away from the Royal Families, but with everyone still in the car waiting for him it might not make a difference. They could easily follow Team Nick back to the spice shop.
  2. Juliette's addition to the team was a welcome change if only because it gives Rosalee some much needed female company in a sea of testosterone. Their small "learning curve" exchange was awesome, as they worked surprisingly well together for only really knowing each for such a short time.

What are you thoughts on the season finale?

Goodnight, Sweet Grimm Review

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Grimm Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

Oh Come On, You Knew This Was Coming


Rosalee: Juliette?
Juliette: Learning curve.
Rosalee: Works for me.