NCIS Sneak Peek: You Weren't There

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At the end of last week's NCIS, we learned who Richard Parsons' real target was.

Now, in a sneak preview of this evening's Season 10 finale, we find out why.

Any NCIS fan knows Gibbs is a man who isn't afraid to bend (or flat-out break) the rules to get the job done, so it's not a huge surprise that his track record has come under scrutiny.

Still, it's interesting to watch Colin Hanks' character, a clearly ambitious DOD investigator, lay his motivations on the table like he does here, and make Gibbs the "offer" that he does.

Jethro's response is typical of the man. But how our fearless leader fight back?

Watch the scene below from "Damned if You Do" and see what you think:

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NCIS Season 10 Episode 24 Quotes

Morrow: There's a connection between the death of that Navy Seal and what's happening with your team.
Vance: What kind of connection?
Morrow: The murder of Eli David opened a political can of worms that was much bigger than anyone expected.
Vance: Eli and Arash Kazmi wanted to forget a peace. But Bodnar killing them opened the door.
Morrow: Homeland and the CIA wait for chances like this, to stir the pot. Distract governments so that all sorts of recon can happen. The CIA needed Iran to believe Mossad was responsible.
Vance: Are you telling me that Bodnar didn't kill Kazmi?
Morrow: I'm telling you we did it, Leon. The CIA took out Kazmi that night so that Bodnar would end up being the fall guy. Iran and Israel could duke it out while we focused on the real threat. We're all so damned worried about Iran and North Korea when the real threat is here, on home soil.
Vance: It's a shell game isn't it? Keep people distracted.
Morrow: Leon you see why I wanted you to keep your distance?

Vance: Tom Morrow may have a solve. We pull it off this could all go away.
Gibbs: For all of us?
Vance: Clean slate.
Gibbs: What's the catch?
Vance: It might kill you.
Gibbs: So could a bag of clams.
Vance: [laughs] We sure picked one hell of a career didn't we Gibbs?
Gibbs: Got to make a living Leon.