Nikita Review: Division's Dead ... Or Is It?

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Division was decimated with a skeleton crew left, the black box was for sale, and it was only a matter of how long before the President realized what was going on and gave the kill order. The situation for those left at Division was desperate until a surprising ally walked through the door to save the day.

In "High Value Target," Cyrus paid back Nikita for saving his life by providing the crucial intelligence they needed to prevent the black box from getting into enemy's hands and used for nefarious purposes. He picked the perfect time to pop in and save the day, well, until his life was put in danger once again.

Who Can Stop Amanda?

Nikita season 3 has done an amazing job of using the past to inform and influence the present. While Amanda's mission at the beginning of the season was a little weak, it's grown into a nice driving force for the characters. And, at first, I was a little annoyed that Percy's black boxes were still at play, but ultimately with Amanda around and Owen's transition to Sam, the last box was the perfect asset.

The black box was the one thing that Ryan could hold over the President's head in order to save their lives. It's odd to think that they have Percy to thank for still being alive. From the beginning until the final moment, I wasn't sure how or if they would actually get out of the mess, though I was pretty sure that SEAL team wouldn't end up killing them all since there are two more episodes left.

The flashback to Nikita's assassination of the drug dealer was well used. It's a wonder that in the insular espionage and criminal world, agents aren't recognized more often from their previous missions. In this case, Nikita was recognized at an inopportune time as the assassin of one of the black box bidder's brothers. Her cover was blown and Sam got away.

One curiosity is how does Amanda continue to find people who will help her and work with her? She has a bad habit of either killing those around her or getting them killed. Sam used her to his own end, but what about the German? He paid with his life after getting the black box back for Amanda. And, it turns out that she's now aligned herself or has offered her services to "The Shop" ... that's not going to end well.

Division is dead. So, what now? There is no way that Nikita and Alex are going to let Amanda get away with messing with their heads. She's going to have to pay for the people she's killed. Will Sam ride off into the sunset with his millions of dollars? Or, will he want revenge against Amanda too? By destroying the black box, he proved that he hasn't lost all of the good within him.

And, is Division really dead? Will Team Nikita continue to work out of the facility? Or, will they move on to a new location? At this point, there are more questions than answers. The Dirty Thirty are still out there along with all the other ex-Division agents. Ryan was right that they have an incentive to stay out of trouble, but they are highly trained and perfect for mercenary or criminal work.

The last two episodes are sure to be a wild ride and I hope we see a Nikita season 4 too!

Odds and Ends

  • Alex's offer to use her money to bid for the black box was a noble one, as was using her true identity and her father's death as a means to get the Turk to trust her. It was a reminder of all the tragedy she's had to endure.
  • The woman in red. Nikita's red dress was a nice callback to her previous mission and it was a gorgeous dress. I loved the back of it.
  • Michael: Who's his brother?
    Nikita: No idea. I'm sure he deserved it. | permalink
  • Was it Alex's talk with Sam that brought out enough of Owen for him to destroy the box? "How long did it take you to get over Emily?" Between their butterfly tattoos and loss of their loved ones, could Alex connect with Sam in a way to integrate his two personalities for the better? They would be a cute couple!
  • The much anticipated Mikita shower scene! Even though it wasn't a sexy scene, it was hilarious and perfect!
  • "Division is dead, Baby."

High Value Target Review

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Nikita Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

Do you understand that if you fail you're friends back at the bunker will pay the price?


Michael: Who's his brother?
Nikita: No idea. I'm sure he deserved it.