Once Upon a Time Season 2 Report Card: B

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With the long summer hiatus just beginning, TV Fanatic is going back and grading some of our favorite shows. Having already submitted our The Mentalist Season 5 Report Card, it's time now to review Once Upon a Time season 2.

What worked? What failed miserably? What grade would you give the season as a whole? Scroll down and sound off...

Closing the Well

Best Episode:  "Second Star to the Right" As much as I liked the season finale, it was the penultimate episode of the season that ranked #1. Neal admitted to Emma that a day hadn't gone by that he didn't regret leaving her. He not only confessed his love for Emma but also proved what a selfless parent he was by sacrificing himself so that Henry wouldn't end up an orphan. Add to that, Tamara's evil plans were finally exposed to all and Baelfire's back story from the Enchanted Forest to 19th Century England, to Neverland and I was hooked from beginning to end.

Worst Episode:  "In The Name of the Brother"  Perhaps it's because I've never considered Dr. Frankenstein's Monster to be a fairy tale but this story felt completely out of place in the fairy tale world. Couple that with the fact that I've always found Dr. Whale to be one of the show's least likable or interesting characters and this episode landed at the bottom of my list.

Second runner up was "Lacey" mostly because I really hated the character Lacey.

Most Improved Character:  Captain Hook.  Far from a caricature in a Disney cartoon, Hook has grown into an intriguing man I'd like to know better. His blood lust for revenge is rooted in his love for Mila. Hard to blame him for putting her on a pedestal since every other woman he's come across (Emma, Regina, Cora, Tamara…) has turned on him or used him at one point or another. But Hook never quits and has even shown glimpses of loyalty and heart when he's not being a devious pirate.  Not to mention he's hot as hell.  How could we not want to see more?

Most Disappointing Character:  August. I was never a big fan of this character or the Pinnochio tale but even I was disappointed when he was brought back  in "Selfless, Brave, and True" only to be transformed back to wood, somehow killed by a magical taser, and then turned back into a little boy. It all made me wonder why they decided to bring him back at all.

Best Introduction of a Fairy Tale character:  Peter Pan. I never expected Peter Pan to be a creepy shadow that threatened to snatch young children from their beds. Now that so many of our favorite characters may be headed to Neverland, I can't wait to see why Peter Pan is so fascinated with Henry.

Worst Introduction of a Fairy Tale character:  Robin Hood.  I had high hopes for Robin Hood's merry ride into the Enchanted Forest. I understand they can't give every new character a huge story arc but if you blinked you probably missed Robin's momentary visit. It made me wonder why they even bothered.

Worst Mystery:  It's a tie between the silly Home Office that was out to kill magic and the reveal that Greg/Owen's father was killed years ago and has been buried in the woods all of this time.  Both stories waffled between boring and silly instead of mysterious and intriguing.

Hopes for Season 3:

  • How many episodes do you think they'll make us wait until Emma and Henry finally find Neal?  1, 3, 10?  I don't mind a bit of anticipation, I only hope they don't torture us all season long.
  • I expected Emma to investigate her new found powers more this season.  I hope we see more of her exploring her magical side in season 3.
  • More Hook!  Everytime they brought him back I realized I only wanted to see more and I wouldn't complain if they gave him a real girlfriend in any realm.
  • Emma needs a serious love interest.  Neal's the safe bet. Hook's the dangerous choice and surprisingly I think I'd be OK with either one but this girl has been lonely far too long.

Your turn, Oncers. What grade would you give Once Upon a Time Season 2?

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