Psych Review: Implicated

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Apparently Gus still has some "Office Space" at Central Coast Pharmaceuticals.

Of course, he almost lost that this week when he tampered with a crime scene on Psych.

Saving Gus

If there's one thing I really appreciated about tonight's episode, it was the extent to which Shawn and Gus royally screwed up and succeeded in doing nothing but making it progressively worse.

The best part was that Shawn and Gus were solving the crime at Central Coast and continually implicated the people close to them in the entire debacle. From spilling their guts to Woody when he positively identified their scents on the body, to stealing communal travel mugs and straight up going to Henry for help, the only person who managed to remain at arms length was Lassiter. Luckily, they had enough help to keep him off the scent.

First, though, we really have to discuss how Gus managed to implicate Shawn in the first place. He tracked him down. Apparently at the home which Juliet still refers to as "hers" only. So, Shawn and Juliet upgraded from trust issues to hooking up when I wasn't looking? Okay. I guess I can sign onto that... for one episode and one episode only. I didn't like tuning into an episode and feeling like I'd missed a week.

Oh, well. It really did make for some entertaining moments, particularly when Shawn took her mug back to the crime scene that he and Gus proceeded to almost expertly swept clean. It forced him to tell Juliet the truth he refused to tell her originally, along with a series of truths thereafter. If there's anyway to build trust back up, that's fool-proof.

I have to say, however, that I really felt bad for Woody this week. Poor man was tied up in the Psych office with Depends on because he couldn't keep his mouth shut or his cell phone in his pocket. And then Shawn and Gus left him tied up there for far longer than he should have been. So much for cleaning up their own messes!

Then again, I have a strange feeling that he actually enjoyed it to some extent. Juliet, however, was horrified.

Overall, this episode was nonstop good fun. Many thanks to Andy Berman and Todd Harthan for the laughs and a little Shules love. Psych-O's really needed it!

Other highlights:

  • Shawn and Gus stealing Creech's socks.
  • Shawn pretending he had taken Henry to the ER to keep him quiet.
  • Gus' epic freakout in his dead boss' office. I couldn't stop laughing.
  • Fincher's inexplicable obsession with Gus.
  • Lassiter being shown up at his own crime scene.
  • Juliet wishing to remain ignorant of Shawn and Gus' methods going forward.
  • Lassiter calling Shawn and Juliet's fictitious unborn child "demon seed."
  • Henry threatening Gus. Priceless.
  • Gus being offered the VP position. And by the murderer no less.
  • Scratch n' Sniff stickers. We could all use more of those in life.
  • Shawn blaming Cagney and Lacey for his need to drink coffee.

Next week smooth Gus will be making an appearance. He has been on a role these past few episodes. How do you think Gus will do with his radio gig?

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