Revenge Season Finale Round Table: "Truth"

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Sunday's episode of Revenge saw the second season come to a close in epic fashion.

Below, TV Fanatic's Kate Brooks, Christine Orlando, Carla Day, Miranda Wicker and Steve Marsi break down all the "Truth" that came out and look ahead to next fall's Season 3.

Weigh in with your own responses regarding all of these Revenge topics below!


1. What was your favorite quote or scene from "Truth"?

Miranda: All of it? If I have to narrow it down to one, "I'm Amanda Clarke" was the very best scene of the season.

Kate: "I'm Amanda Clarke." #finally

Christine: Yes, Emily finally telling Jack the truth was definitely the scene of the night but I've got to give kudos to Declan and Nolan's last scene together. Who would have thought that Declan Porter could get me that choked up? Poor Nolan was devastated when he realized that all of his money and connections couldn't save his friend.

Carla: "I'm Amanda Clarke" was a pivotal moment, but I loved when Emily told him to look at her and that he really knew all along and the images of his childhood sweetheart went through his mind. It was Jack's realization of her true identity that made that moment for me rather than her final declaration.

Steve: I'll say the whole thing, just because there were so many twists and turns and yet relatively few plot holes, with an ending that was both satisfying and intriguing to boot. Not a small feat!

Revenge RT - depreciated -

2. Biggest surprise: Nolan being framed, Conrad being The Initiative (or at least a driving force behind it), or Patrick showing up?

Miranda: Nolan being framed, hands down. Conrad's a jerk and I put nothing past him. We knew Patrick would show up eventually. That Nolan is now being called a disciple of David Clarke and was the patsy all along? Wow. Didn't see that coming.

Kate: Conrad as The Initiative! I didn't see that coming because I didn't think he had the stones. He truly is a disgusting person.

Christine: Nolan! No! I didn't see that coming. Emily can't allow her plucky sidekick to get hauled off to prison. Nolan won't do well there.

Carla: Nolan being framed. WTF! That shocked me and is still wreaking havoc on my mind. And, that Padma recorded that video. What was that all about? A way to try and save her own life? Or, was there more to that? I just can't come to terms with how the Initiative pulled that all together. I was upset Aiden was going to be the scapegoat, but Nolan?!?!

Steve: Has to be Nolan. We had a feeling Emily would come clean to Jack, and you knew Patrick would show up at some point (it's Revenge after all). The complexity of Conrad's plan was surprising, but at the same time I put nothing past the man. Totally did not see Nolan going down for the attack, however. Thanks to Padma no less! Diabolical.

3. So Jack knows the truth about Emily at last ... now what?!

Miranda: They take down the Graysons and sail off into the sunset. Eventually.

Kate: Now they find a way to take down the Graysons together. They've both had everything taken away from them and now Jack has his revengenda even more so.

Christine: You mean after he wraps his head around the fact that the mother of his child was a woman he never knew? Dealing with all of the lies would make anyone's head spin but my guess is that once he comes to terms with it, he and Emily will work together to take down the Grayson clan.

Carla: I missed the relationship between Jack and Emily in Season 2. They were hardly ever together, so I'm hopeful that in Season 3, we will see them partner together in their quest to bring down the Graysons. I want Jack to be her best friend, lover, and co-conspirator. Please let that happen!

Steve: As Christine says, Emily has a lot of explaining do to. A LOT.

4. What the heck happened to Aiden?

Miranda: Based on his "you have been an unexpected friend," I'm going with Daniel shot him. And the fact that Daniel shot him will be the nail in the coffin for Emily and Daniel so instead of being her way inside the Grayson family, he'll become a target too.

Kate: He was wrong in giving Daniel a second chance for one. I think he's gone, as in to return at a later date. If he's dead, okay... I'm glad they didn't show it in the finale because I wouldn't have been able to handle it.

Christine: Now that Emily has come clean with Jack, I'm going with Daniel killed Aiden. I just wonder how he got rid of the body. Hopefully he got more creative than leaving him on the beach this time.

Carla: I think Daniel shot him. If he's dead, I'm okay with that. I never really liked him. And, something was always "off" about Aiden and Emily's romance. I never bought that they truly loved each other. Emily seemed to care more about Daniel during Season 1 than she ever did about Aiden. Plus, if he's gone, then Emily won't have anyone or thing keeping her from Jack.

Steve: He must have been shot but I think he'll survive. I agree with Carla that his relationship with Emily was never easy to describe, but I think there's more story left to be told there.

5. Grade Revenge Season 2 on a scale of 1-10.

Miranda: I'll give it an 8. It started off strong, lost its way completely in the middle, and managed to recover in the end.

Kate: 10. I thoroughly enjoyed being sucked into the finale. I also loved how they tied up loose ends like Padma recording the video, and Conrad being the Initiative.

Christine: 7. Mid-season went in too many different directions and the combination Falcon/Carrion and Initiative story lines became boring but it definitely pulled out a great season finale.

Carla: The finale turned things around, but the season as a whole was disjointed and focused too much on outside forces rather than on Emily's quest for Revenge.

Steve: After the past four episodes I'll give it an 8. The fact that it ended on such a strong note and left me excited for this fall made up for most of its midseason woes.

6. Share one prediction for Revenge Season 3.

Miranda: Emily will help get Nolan out of jail. No way can they just leave him inside all season.

Kate: Conrad dies a slow and painful death (or at least a girl can dream). I obviously mean this in the least morbid way possible.

Christine: Jack and Emily band together to clear Nolan who really deserves a decent love interest sometime soon.

Carla: Emily and Jack will work together against the Graysons. They both have lost family members due to that family, plus Conrad tried to have Jack killed. They have a common goal, plus they do love each other. Nothing better to bring two people closer together than hate of another.

Steve: Emily and Victoria return to the forefront of the show, while Aiden, Jack and Nolan all assist her in battling the Graysons, who will be more emboldened than ever.

7. Write a eulogy for Declan Porter.

Miranda: Declan. You were the shorter, less manly, less cute baby Porter. While you probably had potential for a decent life, you chose to throw in with Charlotte, for reasons unknown, and now you're, well, dead. Sorry about that. Say hello to Fauxmanda. 

Kate: Baby daddy to Charlotte Grayson, uncle to Carl Porter... You were useless 90 percent of the time but when your valve exploded, my heart broke. Just when I was warming up to you, you passed. May Jack avenge your death along with the real Emily Thorne a.k.a. Fauxmanda.

Christine: Oh Declan, just when someone might have had some use for you, a.k.a. your unborn child, you died. Surprisingly I might just miss you. Maybe... or not.

Carla: Umm ... I didn't see a body, so that means he's not really dead, right? Until I see a body and a funeral, I don't believe any deaths on this show.

Steve: Dec. What can we say to do justice to a young man who was one half of our Round Table's Charlotte-Declan Uselessness Scale? Actually that kind of sums it up, but he always meant well and no one deserves to go like that, just trying to get back to the woman he loves. At least he went out on a high note. Gonna miss you man.

Steve Marsi is the Managing Editor of TV Fanatic. Follow him on Google+ or email him here.

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