Revolution Review: Enemies to Allies

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I have to say, you are the most irritable pain in the ass I have ever known. | permalink

While Tom’s assessment was aimed at Charlie, sometimes it's also the best way of describing Revolution Season 1. Yes, I really enjoy the core themes of this show: family, friendship, morality.

But it can also bogs down said themes with constant delay tactics, detours and characters that feel... out of character.

Thankfully, "The Love Boat" hit more good than bad.

Evading Capture

We watched Miles continue to grapple with being the man he used to be in the militia and being the man he is now - a surrogate father to Charlie and the de facto leader of the resistance - all while trying to keep President Kelly happy. It’s a lot to take in and seeing him head back into that very dangerous territory as the man he tried so hard to numb from and escape from is fun witness.

Charlie is the only person in Miles’ life that can make him reevaluate his actions and his mistakes; and while Charlie is not at all a morally pure character, she is forcing Miles to make smart, mostly humane decisions. Miles doesn’t want either side to procure high-powered weaponry because it can only end in watching the world descent into even more despair, so he makes sure his actions look good to Kelly while also keeping both sides in a stalemate.

It’s a big contrast to Tom.

Aaron and Rachel’s quest to the Tower came to a halt when Rachel fell and broke her leg, so the usual convenient delay tactic by Revolution still applies; however, the motive behind Rachel’s continued insistence that he go to the Tower without her was revealed when Rachel shows Aaron a copy of an article in Jane’s “spell book.”

The article basically boils down (yes, I paused my DVR to read it) to Aaron discovering a highly sophisticated AI program that can teach a computer how to recognize the type of person doing the searching and what the culture is like at the time. Basically adding better context for what is being search for and improving server efficiency.

On its own, I’m not quite sure how that fits in exactly with the Tower, but with Grace finally able to access the elevator and subsequently watching her captor get destroyed in a bloody mess on level 7, I wonder if there’s a computer gone rogue. This all just wild speculation on my part, but if Aaron is able to radically show a computer’s AI more context and cultural relevancy, then the computer could maybe find a way to shut down the nanites except for those who need them while still preventing it from going all HAL.

What are your theories?

The Love Boat Review

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Revolution Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

I have to say, you are the most irritable pain in the ass I have ever known.


Aaron: Since when do you have a gun?
Rachel: Since Miles gave it to me.