Scandal Round Table: "Any Questions?"

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After Mellie Grant's bombshell interview in "A Woman Scorned," Scandal viewers were left salivating for what would come next.

"Any Questions?" brought the crushing aftermath of the First Lady accusing the President of adultery on national television, along with the identity of the mole and a great deal more.

Below, TV Fanatic Staffers Miranda Wicker, Christine Orlando, Jim Garner, Leigh Raines are joined by Emily from ABC Scandal Fans to discuss the latest episode of this ABC sensation. Pull up a virtual chair and join in now!


What was your favorite scene or quote from the episode?

Jim: Quinn's "You can be a Gladiator or seek revenge, but not both the way I hear it." With that sentence, she showed how far she has come since facing her own choice not that long ago.

Leigh: Favorite genuine scene was Harrison confronting Liv. He was like I know the deal, stop BSing and tell me how to handle you as my future client, because it's about to happen. Liv's stone cold dodging of the question makes me want to know more about her in an odd way. What made Liv, Liv? Honorable mention: Cyrus busting in on OLitz. It was humiliating but hilarious, like 2 teens getting caught in the backseat of a car!

Miranda: So much awesome went down last night. SO, SO much. I was practically squealing with delight when David was all "yeah, yeah, Gladiators. Teamwork." And then not so much. So can I just say ALL of it? But especially David. And also Quinn helping Huck. And and and. SO GOOD.

Christine: In its own twisted way, Cyrus ripping into James was an amazing scene. It was a reminder of how selfish and cruel Cyrus can be. As a couple, I don't know how they come back from that conversation. But my favorite quote was David's, "Watching Cyrus Beane unraveling under pressure is my porn."

Emily: I'm gonna go with any scene Jeff Perry was in! Watching Cyrus unravel is always entertaining and always seems to be funny and shocking at the same time.

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Scale of 1 to 10: how shocked were you to learn Billy Chambers is the mole?

Jim: 2. We haven't seen enough of Billy recently for it to be a big shock. My wife went "who is that?" when it was revealed. 

Leigh: Okay, I've been covering The Carrie Diaries so for me it took a minute to remember him as Billy and not Mr. Bradshaw. Then I was at a 9. We never saw him die, he was always trying to out-manuever Fitz with Sally, and he had the original recording of him and Olivia. Now how does this tie in with Jake's boss?

Miranda: I'm giving this a solid 8 with a side of "I knew it." I knew he wasn't dead! I knew it! I can't figure out WHY he wants Defiance since tanking Fitz also tanks Sally, but the fact that he wants it makes me want to know why he wants it! He's such a crazy psychopants!

Christine: A 10. I have to admit, it took me a minute to remember who the heck he is. It's been a long time.

Emily: I'm going to go with a 6. This story line is the only one so far where I couldn't really point a finger at someone based on clues. I have always thought Billy wasn't dead, but I remember reading an interview with Shonda saying that they approached Matt Letscher about possibly coming back as Billy, but he couldn't due to another project. That threw me off majorly but this will be a great twist. I knew it was coming when OPA realized someone was using Langston's password to access files.  David on the other hand was a 9. 

Were you more shocked by Billy's return or by the fact that David Rosen is his accomplice?

Jim: Now the surprise I had for David being Billy's accomplice was a solid 11, maybe 12. Given he's been in on it, that means everything from him being drugged and left with a dead girl may have been a setup. Which doesn't make sense since he HAD the card before the girl died. Was he after something else from OPA? 

Leigh: This is tough. I'm not shocked that David has a vendetta against OPA. Olivia took everything away from him. But did he really pull off that entire stunt, from that murder, to being drugged, pretending to be stalked, etc just to get in with OPA. If he did, I am damn well impressed! Also can we just mention that Josh Malina's twitter status was "Gladiate THAT, bitches." Amazing

Miranda: This? This is off the charts. Well played, Shonda Rhimes. Well played, indeed. I really did think that David was becoming part of the team but looking back the hints were there all along that he was working an angle. I don't think he started working with Billy until after his apartment was ransacked and the card was stolen. I think Billy had the girl killed in his apartment hoping he would get arrested and Billy could have someone sneak in and steal the card and Olivia and Co. got to it first. When that didn't work, Billy dropped back and punted and pulled David to his team.

Christine: Definitely David, but I love the twist. OPA decimated his life. He deserves a little revenge. 

Emily: Definitely David as the accomplice!! I think there were more clues leading up to this revealing, but you just didn't want to believe it. 

Should Huck have shot Charlie?

Jim: Nope. Huck owed Charlie for when he told him to run and not shot him way back when. Besides, Charlie is a great Yang to Huck Yin. I think we will see him again. 

Leigh: No. Charlie wasn't even the one who delivered the Cytron card in the end. He probably does just want a life like Huck. Plus he's the one who released Huck and told him to run and didn't execute the order to kill him.

Miranda: Another no here. Huck's humanity and the fact that he grapples with the fact that he has enjoyed killing in the past but recognizes that it takes so much good from his life is part of what makes him Huck. I love that Quinn was there to talk him off the ledge.

Christine: Nah. I like Charlie. He loves the work just as much as Huck but without all of the heavy brooding. Besides, as Jim pointed out, Charlie gave Huck a pass once upon a time.

Emily: I agree with Jim. Charlie let Huck off the hook when he helped him escape from the CIA. I's say they're even now though. 

Would you vote for Fitz for a second term?

Jim: Probably, he seems pretty straight forward and his ability to control "Little Fitz" has no relation to his control of the country. 

Leigh: Ugh this is tough. Let's just say that more presidents have had mistresses than we can even count. I'd vote for Fitz based on his policy, not his penis. That said, I don't even know anything about his political abilities so I'd have to wait and see! 

Miranda: Eh. Politicians and affairs are like peas and carrots, right? So yes, probably. I think. Non-committal answer here.

Christine: I'm not his wife. Who he sleeps with is none of my concern, although it doesn't speak much for his personal character. The truth is, we know next to nothing about Fitz's political views, plans, or policies and that's what I'd base my vote on.

Emily: I think I would because despite how crazy things are, he seems more determined than ever to do things his way this time around and I think that drive to prove it to himself is a great motivator. 

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