The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "The Walking Dead"

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Jeremy and Alaric returned. Elena embraced her full humanity. And Bonnie... died?!?

Yes, the penultimate episode of The Vampire Diaries Season 4 gave our Round Table team of Matt Richenthal, Leigh Raines, Miranda Wicker and Steve Marsi plenty to discuss.

So gather around now and let's breakdown "The Walking Dead," shall we?


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Locker 42. Bro-on-bro hug. The swiping of The Cure. It's safe to say I loved everything about Alaric's appearance.

Leigh: I have a feeling a lot of the Round Table is going to rank this scene pretty highly too: Alaric and Damon's reunion in the hallway. The use of the words "best friend," Locker 42, the bro-hugging. Cult is cancelled... can we have Matt Davis back now???

Miranda: Five words: Alaric.Saltzman. "Need a hand." AHHH!!! Can he pleasepleaseplease stay forever? Julie, make nice with Matt Davis and keep him around!! Let him be good. Let him be evil. Just get him back. STAT.

Steve: They're totally setting up Stefan and Caroline. That is all.

Vampire Diaries RT - depreciated -

Which return was most welcome?
Matt: Alaric is the only acceptable answer. But I'll also give Lexi a shout-out because she rules and because she teased the possibility of Staroline next season. And who doesn't want to see that?!?

Leigh: Duh! See above! Alaric. But to chill with my gushing, I'm also gonna pick Lexi. I do adore that one.

Miranda: Uh...Alaric. Followed by Jeremy. Except, has Steven R. McQueen been slacking off at the gym? Why didn't we get a sweet gratuitous shot of his biceps? Bonus answer: Lexi. Wouldn't mind it one bit if they found room in the cast for her since Rebekah's hitting the Big Easy.

Steve: Kol. I had been wondering about that guy literally every week since he died.

Which return was least welcome?
Matt: Kol. There's a reason why no one likes getting lumps of him in their stocking.

Leigh: Ugh all the hunters (save for Jeremy). We JUST got rid of you guys for good, whyyyyy???

Miranda: Kol. I just cannot even care about him. And then the psychotic vampire hunters. Unless one of them is Buffy, I'm not interested.

Steve: Alaric. What did that guy ever do for the show?

Is Bonnie really dead?
Matt: At this exact moment? Yes. There's no other way to interpret that closing scene. But will she remain with Grams in the Great Beyond? I highly doubt it. Between some spell or some loophole, I'm confident Bonnie will return in full human and non-smiling form this fall.

Leigh: I think she is. But since the veil is still down, she is still around. Besides, Kat Graham is only used as needed on this show so it's kinda time. Maybe she can find a project to utilize her full time. However, what will we do without our resident witch?

Miranda: I say yes. Can we talk about how RIDICULOUS the "you've had the power all along" thing was? Really? That's all it took? Bonnie clicking her heels together three times and saying "There's nothing like a calcified Silas"?? Witches on this show aren't exactly known for ability to stay alive and Bonnie, as much as I love Kat Graham, has outlived her lifespan. RIP Bon-bon! Here's to a happy afterlife with Jer.

Steve: Let's hope. Not because I any harbor any ill will toward the CW's sexiest, most versatile plot device, but the show needs to clean house, and some of these "shocking" deaths have to stick or else they'll soon become as non-shocking as TVD's routine neck-breaking.

More impressive athletic display: Elena's dart throwing, Jeremy's arrow aiming or Stefan's cellar tackling?
Matt: Elena all the way. Did you see that bullseye?!? While being distracted by Rebekah and Caroline... after downing a shot? She should be channeling all her energy toward the professional circuit, not toward killing Katherine.

Leigh: Hmmm, Elena's got that vamp advantage, Jeremy is trained, and Stefan's strong. I think I'm more impressed that he took down his precious Elena like that!

Miranda: Hmmm. Tough call. If Elena can throw darts like that, why couldn't she hit Katherine in the heart on the first stake? Oh, right. Because then she couldn't BURN KATHERINE'S FACE on a hot pipe! ::shudder:: Do Vampire Hunters train in the after life? Has Jeremy been practicing? I'll go with Stefan. He did play football after all.

Steve: Elena still throws darts like a girl, and Jeremy isn't looking quite as cut these days, so Stefan by default.

Who will take The Cure on the Season 4 finale?
Matt: The only intriguing options are Damon or Stefan. Either Salvatore brother becoming human would make for an interesting cliffhanger, as well as a nice bookend for how this season started in the opposite fashion with Elena. My money is on Damon.

Leigh: I can't think of anyone, unless Stefan or Damon ends up taking it, that would really throw us all off. The hunters want it, just give it to them. Let's get rid of all the annoying things at once.

Miranda: Alaric did tell Damon to get the girl, so my guess is he'll present it to Elena and she'll decide she wants to be human after all. Except something will happen and she'll trip and fall and pour it into Damon's mouth instead. Then The Vampire Diaries Season 5 will be Damon's quest to find someone to turn him back into a vampire.

Steve: Alaric. I know he's not a vampire, but it would be awesome to see him grab it and down the thing just to see what it would do (presumably nothing). Plus, Silas would be so pissed and who KNOWS what that uber-annoying freak would do then.

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