Vegas Review: Last Night in Vegas

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Our Last NIght in Vegas had the "Sons of Nevada" going head to head with the Chicago mob and a trained assassin, yet somehow everyone walked away with minimal bloodshed.

Savino Prepares Lena

I wasn't surprised that Ralph handed over those tapes to Savino. He's always followed his own personal code more than the letter of the law.  The part that did shock me was that he didn't actually kill Porter Gainsley.

I understood his reasoning. He didn't want to lead Dixon down the wrong path and that was admirable but would the FBI be able to contain Gainsley, even behind bars?

The man killed Lamb's wife, put Katherine in a coma, planted a bomb in Savino's car, and sent a new sheriff in specifically to kill Jack and Dixon. Not to mention he had an FBI agent promoted just to get him out of the way.  That's a lot of power in high places and I didn't see much evidence connecting the man to his crimes.  

As Savino said, Porter Gainsley could be a very dangerous man, even from a prison cell. I know it wouldn't have been the right thing to do, but the smarter move would have been to kill the man and eliminate the threat entirely.

And I thought Ralph was pretty naive telling Jones that if he came back over the border he'd kill him.  Jones is an artist when it comes to death.  For all of Ralph's fortitude and good intentions, I simply don't see him being able to take the trained assassin out.

Jack and Mia broke my heart and yet it all seemed inevitable. Mia had no desire to leave the casino life and Jack could never live with someone he loved being involved in the illegal side of that business. 

I'd rooted for this couple all season but in the end, if neither one of them was willing to change then perhaps it really was simply time to walk away. 

At least Yvonne and Dixon got their happy ending. Those two kids really do make a cute couple. 

One of my biggest disappointments was that Katherine didn't wake up.  What a shame to have her character in a coma for the entire finale. At least Ralph admitted that there were lots of things he should have shared with her. Hopefully he'll do just that, if she ever wakes up. Unfortunately we won't get to see it.

In case you hadn't heard, CBS officially cancelled Vegas so this season finale was actually the Vegas series finale and it's a bit of a shame.

There was lots to like about this show. The costumes, the sets, and the 1960s ambiance were stunning.  The characters definitely grew on me as the series went along but I'll admit I enjoyed Vincent Savino, Jack Lamb, and Mia more than I did the Sheriff.

The bigger problem was the pacing of the stories which started out slow and took too long to build.  At the end of the series I can say I'm really enjoying the show but the truth is it took me two thirds of the season to get here. 

So what did you think of Vegas.  Will it be missed?

Sons of Nevada Review

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