Mistresses Review: The Worst Has Just Begun

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Mistresses proved that the best intentions can send you straight to Hell this week... or at least bring you close to being arrested for "Breaking and Entering."

I like Karen, but sometimes I think she is the dumbest smart woman on TV. I suppose being well educated doesn't give someone common sense, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

For a psychiatrist, she's certainly unable to decipher her own behavior. She can't stay away from Tom's family because she misses Tom. Oor she feels so guilty for the affair that she's hoping to get caught. It's probably a little bit of both. 

Joss' New Boss

The problem is that she's not only hurting herself, she's hurting Sam and Elizabeth. Now Elizabeth must deal with the suspicion that her late husband was having an affair and Sam gets to live with the guilt of exposing that information to his mom. 

And watching the flashbacks of Kim and Tom has gone from being sexy fun to kind of sad. He was never hers to have. Knowing how his wife and son are hurting really drives that point home. No good will come from Karen spending time with any of the Greys. Things will only get worse.

Moreover, as lonely as Karen is, I wish she'd open her eyes and notice her hot office mate. Jacob could be quite a catch if she could find a way to move on.

I was happy to see April and Savi finally make up. Part of the appeal of Mistresses is the friendship among these women. It doesn't work nearly as well when they aren't speaking.

How could April be surprised that Richard was upset? She blew him off... TWICE! He deserved some sort of explanation.  

Surprisingly, I liked Richard all the more for turning April down in the end. He was right. She has far too much baggage to sort through to be diving into a new relationship. He'd only end up getting hurt.

Joss has her own challenge in Olivier, but I think that's going to be good for her. Not being able to use her sex appeal to get ahead makes her use her other talents. She's smart and resourceful. It's nice to see her use something other than her amazing legs to get what she wants. 

For all of the smiles and cooing that Savi was doing with Harry, deep down she's miserable and it may be more than the guilt. 

That said, it was nice to get some idea of what Savi and Harry had when they first got together. They were crazy in love. In some ways they still are but the reality of bills, differing work schedules and baby making issues has taken their toll.

Savi's idea of a second honeymoon sounded lovely. Perhaps it's just what they need to reconnect. But Harry's reaction in this Mistresses quote crushed that hope…

I appreciate the romance, I do. But what reality are you living in? | permalink

Ouch! I don't doubt that the work and financial realities he's talking about are spot on, but his response was a bit of a slap in the face. Savi's trying. Maybe they could compromise and take a shorter, less expensive vacation.

But Savi's issues just keep getting worse. At work she's uncomfortable working with Dom.

Dom: What is it that you want?
Savi: I want things to go back to the way they were before.
Dom: This is the way it was. This is it. This is us.
Savi: Then it needs not to be. | permalink

As much as Savi denies it, she still wants Dom. That's why she had sex with him on the desk in the first place and that attraction isn't about to go way. Especially when he's the fun, flirty guy who gets her take out dinner and remembers to have her chili pepper flakes put on the side. 

Yeah, Savi's miserable and desperately pretending everything is OK... but how long can she keep up the pretense now that she knows she's pregnant? 

All of the ladies' good intentions should only ensure plenty more sexy drama -  and isn't that what we all need for the long, hot summer?

Breaking and Entering Review

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