Psych Season 7 Report Card: A

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Psych Season 7 was jam-packed with all the shenanigans, malarkey and tom-foolery you would expect from USA Network's longest running original show, which celebrated its 100th episode this season this year.

So while we wait for the Psych musical to air this December, let's take a look back at what made this season so epic in our latest TV Fanatic Report Card...

A Day At The Circus

Best Episode: "Juliet Takes A Luvah" because Shawn could not seem to catch a break the entire episode and it was. Hilarious to watch. The shenanigans of "Office Space" made that episode a close second

Best Homage: "100 Clues" to celebrate the 100th episode. Complete with alternate endings voted on live by the fans, this episode had everything that makes Psych great, including a cameo from Curt Smith. May he rest in peace... just kidding.

Best Gus Nickname: Blue Ivy Carter. I'm sorry. It was the best pop-culture reference the show made this season. It was so unexpected I couldn't help but laugh.

Still Shaking My Head Over: The whole Shawn and Juliet breakup and how it was handled. I appreciated that Psych got real for a moment and had Shawn and Juliet struggle with Shawn's seven-year old secret. But to have them magically work out their problems without any resolution for the fans in person was tough to get over for a bit. Sorry, I really wanted to see them resolve it in front of the camera

Hopes for Psych Season 8: To being back Chief Vick; for Carlowe to expect a new addition to their family; for Gus to get back with Rachel; for Despereaux to return (which is confirmed); for Maggie Lawson in more than five episodes.

Overall Grade: A

YOUR turn, TV Fanatics: What grade would you give Psych Season 7?

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