Revenge Season 3 Q&A: How Will Jack React?

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I’m Amanda Clarke.

Yep, Emily Thorne finally said those words to Jack Porter to close out Revenge Season 2. So, as we bide our time this summer waiting for new episodes, what could possibly come next?

Leave it to Nick Wechsler (Jack) to shed some light on the question (and a few others) when we hung out at the ATX Television Festival this past weekend in Austin. Though they haven’t started shooting the new season yet, Wechsler had some theories and desires for how Jack should handle this shocking news, as well as what other TV show the actor would love to appear on...


TV Fanatic: Where do you think we’ll find Jack mentally? Between his brother’s death and Emily dropping the bomb about being Amanda, what would you want for him?
Nick Wechsler: I would like for him to believe her. I would like for him to...basically, he has to go after Conrad Grayson now…but for him to maybe finally accept Emily, through seeing what it's done to Jack…this might actually be more interesting, if it took seeing Jack go down this dark revenge road to make her rethink her own revenge.

TVF: I actually hadn't thought about that. On the flip side of that is Emily and Jack teaming up in a way because they both have their issues with the Graysons.
NW: It's interesting because I think that would be a way for it to go because through this I think he's going to resent her. As much as it's like ‘oh my God, you've just revealed to me that you are…this explains the connection I've had to you all along, you are the girl that I've been in love with, but I'm also hurt that you've been lying and that you set up a sequence of events that led to me losing someone I thought was you, I thought was the love of my life.’

Jack Porter at the Bar

TVF: Because he truly fell in love with Amanda.
NW: Exactly. ‘So whether or not she was you, I ended up falling in love with whoever she was.’ So he's going to be upset with her but at the same time it has the potential to put him in her shoes. So it's like, wow, the reason he comes around to forgiving her [and] he's going to have to start Trojan-Horsing his way in. He's going to have to start lying to people to get some of this information out to try to take [the Graysons] down. So yeah. It's both the thing that's going to push her away, and the thing that's probably ultimately going to make him forgive her.

TVF: A therapist would make really good money living in The Hamptons, don’t ya think?
NW: Jack can't afford it, but yeah.

TVF: How do you feel like your life's changed in the last two years? Do you get recognized more? Is fame something different to deal with?
NW: I get recognized more, but it's never a problem. Everybody's really respectful and everything. I just went to Bali for 15 percent work and 85 percent play and it was amazing. But Australia is around the corner and [the show is] doing very well in Australia, so I got stopped a lot there. Recognizing someone from something they watch is rarer there so I got stopped more frequently.

Like in LA, I don’t get stopped nearly as much as I get stopped here in Austin or over there. As long as people aren't asking for too much or anything, like too much of your time or anything or whatever, but no, my life is no different, really. I still haven't bought a new car and I drive a 13-year-old piece of shit.

TVF: Do they make fun of you when you drive your car on the lot to shoot the show?
NW: Behind my back, I'm sure. I'm sure I'm paying less in rent than everyone in the cast. I didn't move. I mean, these are things I'm eventually going to change. Obviously, I'm going to get a new car, I'll probably move or whatever, but it hasn't changed my life. It's changed my opportunities.

TVF: Where do you see your career going beyond this show? Do you see more drama? Comedy?
NW: What means more to me is comedy just because that's what got me started acting. That's my favorite thing to do, is just sit around and riff with my friends, and make people laugh, and play ridiculous characters. Just talk as a character to my friend and we just keep doing this back and forth and it's got to be awful for girlfriends to sit through.

But I think I'm almost better suited to drama. Like whatever my thing is. And it's actually frustrating. It's like a part of me is jealous of the dramatic part of me because the dramatic part is getting a lot more attention. I'm not even sure I'm that good at [comedy] anymore because I haven't had many opportunities.

TVF: Okay, so you have your two and a half months off. You can go work on any show, like a guest spot or something. Do you have a show that's on the air now that you’d love to do?
NW: I've already done something on It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia but I think that show is so brilliant. I wish I could keep coming back as different characters. I love that show.

TVF: And they do a lot of improving stuff, right? Like they don’t keep tight to the script if I remember right, talking to them.
NW: Yeah, which is my kind of thing. But, also, just based on the strength of the first season because it's one of the funniest things I've ever seen, Eastbound and Down…I'd be honored to have had anything to do with their fourth and final season. That would be amazing.

UPDATE, 6/27: Looks like we'll meet Victoria's son on the season premiere.

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