Rookie Blue Round Table: "Homecoming"

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"Homecoming" brought Andy and Nick back home to 15 Division, as Rookie Blue Season 4 continued to throw us, and its characters, plenty of curves.

Below, TV Fanatic Christine Orlando is joined by Rookie Blue fans Kathryn and Dina from Two Worlds Collide: A Sam Swarek/Andy McNally Fan Forum to decide which couple had the best scenes and what "She's not you" really means.


What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Kathryn: SO many great ones, but the Sam/Andy shootout, hands down. That just ROCKED on so many levels!! Closely followed by Sam's interrogation scenes.

Dina: That’s a hard one to narrow down. I’m going to have to go with the scene at the Black Penny after shift. Noelle’s engagement speech was heartwarming, the looks being shared between Sam and Andy were heart wrenching, and the introduction to Chloe’s character was lighthearted. A perfect combination to show the camaraderie of the bunch, and just a few highlights as to why we love them all so much.

Christine: For me it was Sam and Andy in the truck. They were finally honest with one another and although they didn't end up back together at the end of it, at least it gave me hope that they'll get there.

Rookie Blue Round Table 1-27-15

Should Gail have accepted Nick's offer to live together?

Kathryn: No. They have way too much to work through to move in together right now, but I love that she showed without hesitation how excited she was that he asked. Plus, I'm really looking forward to Gail sniping at Chloe when's she at the apartment with Dov.

Dina: No. I think she did the right thing, and her reaction was perfect. While she was thrilled that he seems to want to move forward with her, she is not at that level of trust with him yet, as evidenced by all of her comments about him leaving throughout the episode.

Christine: I agree. They're just not there yet but Gail's enthusiasm was very sweet. She really likes this guy. We'll see if they manage to pull it all together this season or not.

Best couple of the episode: Frank and Noelle, Sam and Andy  or Nick and Gail?

Kathryn: McSwarek always and forever, even as messed up as they are right now. I just love them truly, madly, deeply. Drop that couple into any show, and I wouldn't be too upset if all the rest of TV went away. BUT Frank and Noelle gave them a run for their money in this episode, and Gail's romantic mood swings are always entertaining.

Dina: Although they aren’t technically a couple anymore, I’m going to have to go with Sam and Andy for this one. The way they worked so seamlessly together on the case and their playful banter reminded me of happier times. Also, the looks that they were giving each other throughout the episode spoke volumes. Clearly, those two are from being over.

Christine: As much as I love the Sam and Andy moments, I've got to give this one to Frank and Noelle. His proposal was perfect, as was her toast later that night. Like Gail, I just wanted to give them a huge hug (minus the bloody mouth).

Why is Shaw such a Sam and Andy shipper?

Kathryn: Because he's AWESOME!! I think it's because he's a romantic, has so much affection for both of them, and just thinks they're right for each other and will be good for each other if they can get past their respective hang-ups.

Dina: He knows that they’re meant to be. As Sam’s best friend, he knows how in love Sam is with Andy, and how she challenges him on a personal level, which is what he needs in order to grow. Oliver’s looks, advice and attempts at matchmaking were probably my favorite things about the episode overall.

Christine: I just wanted to hug Ollie all night. He's a good friend to both of them and sees that they are happier together than apart. And with his own love life hitting such a rough patch, maybe seeing the possibility of happiness for his friends gives him hope.

Is Chris moving to Timmons for the right reasons?

Kathryn: Setting aside wanting Travis onscreen, I have mixed feelings. Chris always had a love/hate feeling about Toronto and big city life and clearly loves Christian. But I think he's going to find it hard to go back, and he really doesn't seem to be clicking with Denise. If he sticks with it, I think he'll become middle aged before his time.

Dina: He thinks he is. Chris is putting his own desires on the back burner by trying to do the best thing for his son, which is what any good parent would try to do. Yes, it’s the right move for Chris, who’s always been a stand-up, respectable guy.

Christine: I understand him wanting a safe, normal life for his son but I keep thinking that Christian will know that his Daddy is miserable. Kids pick up on those things whether we want them to or not.  If he loved Denise things might go better but it's obvious he doesn't. I don't see happy times ahead for Chris.

When Sam told Andy, "She's not you" concerning Marlo, what do you think he meant by that?

Kathryn: Ooooh, there was so much loaded meaning. It was a rather bold disclosure for Swarek, yet still cryptic enough that he wasn't laying himself completely on the line again. I think it was both a compliment and admission of how much she unsettles him in both good and bad ways.

Dina: I think that statement was mean to be open ended. Either of the words “but” or “because” would’ve fit perfectly before that statement. Even though Marlo’s “smart, fun, and not complicated”, he’s not turned inside out by her like he is by Andy, which is both a good and bad thing. Andy smiled because she understood that, seeing how she felt the same when she was with Luke.

Christine: Without coming out and saying it directly, I think Andy is the love of his life and Marlo certainly isn't that. But that also means that Marlo doesn't have the power to break his heart and maybe he's craving that safety right now.

Now it's your turn, Rookie Blue Fanatics. Pick your favorite scene from "Homecoming."

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