The Glades Review: Stripped of Mystery

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While I haven’t seen the movie it’s named for, I was familiar enough with it to know that "Magic Longworth" was going to involve male strippers. However, as expected when Jim is involved, the stripper in question was a dead one.

This episode got off to a rocky start with the “everyone race to a car” scene when Captain Manus said they had an officer down. I could understand her and Jim rushing to find out who the officer was, but the choice of having a bunch of officers (in and out of uniform) racing to their cars just felt odd.

Jim Interviews A Suspect

Especially considering that Carlos and Daniel were already there. There should have been officers five-man deep by the time Jim and Colleen showed up after seeing how many left the station.  

Besides, Daniel walking around with his badge in his hand should have been the first give he wasn't a real cop anyway, as the badge would have clearly been a fake on that close of inspection. Trust me: you can’t buy a real police badge to use as a prop or costume (don't ask, I was young and in college).  

Actually, even beyond that scene, for the first time while watching this show, I actually saw all the twist and turns coming and wasn't surprised by anything that happened. Well, I was surprised that Jim didn't eat anything until the end. 

Suspect Lisa sitting with her heels off and turned sideways so we can see they have red bottoms; yep that’s going to mean something. Disco Dean losing his cell phone, I wonder where it could be. Jim able to walk around the house with his cell phone calling Deans and it not going to voice mail... Uh, I've made my point. 

I know that The Glades has always taken a few liberties with the stories and normally I’m willing to forgive most things. This episode just couldn't get its feet under it to stand up in a sensible or entertaining manner.

Disco Dean had the personality and energy of the common house plant. Lisa had the “doe-eyed” stare going for her, but the overly-obvious way she kept her neck covered projected the bruises from the beginning. And “fun-loving” Nikki seemed more like alcoholic Nikki who needed to find a meeting. 

The episode did have a couple of redeeming qualities:

  1. Ed Asner as Dr. Hardy teasing Callie about going back to school and then making Jim promise to see she gets back to school.
  2. The look on sweet Daniels face as he watched the video footage on Dean’s phone. Poor Daniel is going to need therapy after this case.

Overall, it was a middle of the road episode and I’m giving it an equally middle of the road rating of 2.5 mehs. Here is hoping Jim and the team can bring back the magic next week! 

Magic Longworth Review

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The Glades Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Jim: Hey, you want to come cover this one with me?
Colleen: How about, Hell No! If I want to look at some dingle-dangle, I'm sure as hell ain't going to do it with you.

Colleen: Also, I found something else unusual in Judd the stud's gym bag.
Jim: Uh, not sure I want to know what else "the stud" kept in his sack.