True Blood Round Table: "The Sun"

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The human showed serious bite on the latest episode of True Blood, as Eric witnessed first hand just what sort of technology he and his fellow members of the undead were up against.

What was the best scene from "The Sun?" Which new character is most interesting? Where do you stand on Bill?

All of these questions and more were posted to our Round Table panelists of Chris O'Hara, Leigh Raines and Liz Henderson from Gather around now and let the debates begin!


Which new character were you most intrigued by this week?
Chris: This new fae Sookie rescued has me doing the ole eyebrow raise like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. I wasn’t buying that whole “I blasted him” story when she asked how he got away from the vampire who attacked him. Could he be working for Warlow? 

Leigh: As much as I loved seeing Jurnee Smollet back on my screen this week (Texas Forever!) I am intrigued by sexy new faery Ben. There were literally "sparks" between them. Sookie should also feel what it's like to hook up with someone who is not the living dead.

Liz: Nichol. I can't wait to see what she can instigate. Or what trouble she'll cause for the shifters and weres. I liked the chemistry between her and Sam, although I wouldn't like to see them in a romantic relationship. I'd like to see them work together.

True Blood Round Table

Who should Emma be with? Her own blood or Sam?
Chris: Emma, little shorty pop, should be with Uncle Sam and Auntie Lafayette. The pack life is toxic and no place for a kid.

Leigh: Emma should be with Laffa Poppins and Sam. Excuse me, but where did the real Alcide go? He would never act like that to Sam. Does being a pack master mean you're suddenly a douche?

Liz: Sam! Alcide completely overstepped his authority. I know he's packmaster and all that, but he took a child against her will. Right now I think Alcide is a total douche-canoe.

What was your favorite scene of the episode?
Chris: Eric posing as the Game and Wildlife rep was great. I loved the moment his voice and demeanor changed while talking about what a tough bird the whooping crane is. Governor Burrell shocked him when he revealed not being able to be glamoured (something I’m sure he’ll regret doing). Eric got the last laugh, though, as he evaded the armed guards by flying away into the night sky only to return and glamour Burrell’s daughter. A close second and third were Andy yelling for Morella and Jason trying to jump though the portal after his grandfather and failing.

Leigh: Jessica's reaction to comatose Bill was amazing. Especially when that crazy body breaking twisty thing happened with the donor girl and her blood just flowed into Bill's mouth. Jess was huddled in the corner freaking the eff out. That was surreal. The last time we saw that kind of body breakage was when Bill twisted Lorena's head around during sex in True Blood season 3.

Liz: I loved when Niall was teaching Sookie about her powers and how to control it. We called it her powerball, though I'm pretty sure we're not the first. It will be interesting to see if she uses it, which vampires will be affected. And will she make that choice to give up being fae? 

What was your favorite quote this week?
Chris: "Sugar, this is Bon Temps. Down here organic means you play the fancy piano at church." - Arlene

Leigh: Can I choose Eric's entire scene with his voice hitched up like he was the nerdy wildlife guy? That was hilarious! If not I'll go with Niall telling Jason "I'm your f**king faery grandfather." By the way, Gramps, everyone knows J. Stackhouse has an impressive porn collection under his bed. That's like saying the sky is blue.

Liz: I think Arlene wins with all of the great quotes. My favorite was the same as Chris'.

Is Bill the key to vampire salvation or a ticking time bomb?
Chris: The passage Nora read was key to future events. There needs to be a union of light and dark and I think those two sides are Sookie and Bill. Bill made a pretty quick transition from the wild creature we saw back at the Authority’s HQ though, so I wonder if that side of him is gone or still rumbling around inside there somewhere waiting to come out.

Leigh: I have no idea. I think he and Eric are going to have to figure out a way to see eye to eye, fang to fang. Because with Bill's weird ideals and Eric's general knowledge of how to wage a war and basically run sh*t, we might have a vampire revolution.

Liz: I think he is the key to salvation. Since he can see the future, he can also change it.

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