Warehouse 13 Review: The Young and The Ageless

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I was really unsure of "Lost and Found" during its first half.

Aside from Artie, Myka and Pete having fun on their pirate adventures, Claudia and Steve felt completely out of character. Nick was somehow coming between Steve and Claudia’s friendship. It wasn’t adding up. Nick might have had some pull with Claudia because of his rough childhood, but there was no way he would be able to yank them apart so easily.

Naturally, my warning signals should have went off with far more force when it was revealed that Nick was Charlotte’s son. Thankfully, Warehouse 13 spelled it out for me - and things picked up considerably.

Finding Stolen Goods

I have to give Nick credit; he jumps on his immortality when he passes himself off as a teenager. It’s the perfect cover to dupe Claudia and Steve as he uses his considerable experience to his advantage.

The immortality card, and the pros and cons associated with it, has been done to death. But making it affect a family puts a new twist on the concept. Charlotte’s fixation on finding the philosopher’s stone and bringing an end to the immortality is all so she can let her son live a semi-normal life – to let him complete his life.

Right now they have no end date. Most are always ready to fixate on the positives of eternal life: no aging, no fear of the unknown, seeing everyone and everything, and finding out what happens in the future. But those benefits are burdened with great costs. And, while Charlotte’s life is filled with burdens too, Nick bears the greatest one.

His age is a hindrance to him. He can’t live a fulfilling life as it is and that is compounded because society does not view him as a fully functioning adult.

I don’t think Charlotte ever meant for things to get so out of control. She just wanted Paracelsus out, but the guy is bronzed for a reason. While Charlotte might be able to see past the Warehouse for the people inside of it, Paracelsus has complete distrust for all of it. He didn’t listen to Nick and proceeded to bronze Claudia and then destroy the bronzer.

For all the twists, turns and complications tonight dished out, there’s still one moment that rises far above it all: Myka telling Pete about her cancer. Myka’s fear and emotions were constantly on her mind and Pete knew it. He didn’t need one of his vibes to tell him something was going on with Myka, but no matter how many times he asked her she wasn’t giving in.

Myka’s fear that Pete would react to her news with anything but care makes me wonder if Myka might have one of those magnets in her pocket. Pete would never be anything but supportive with this kind of scare; he wouldn’t be mad or upset that Myka waited to tell him.

Lost and Found Review

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