Covert Affairs Review: Team Campbell Takes the Lead

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Everyone on Covert Affairs was keeping secrets in "Dig for Fire," but not all are created equal.

Some secrets and lies are created in order to protect oneself or to propel selfish interests, while others are crucial to the protection of loved ones. The nature of these secrets reflects the integrity or lack thereof in the individual characters.

Figuring Out Henry

After returning from Colombia, Annie had to deal with the truth about Teo being not only the Puma, but also Arthur's son. To make the situation more dire, Arthur resigned due to a fake affair. When Arthur showed up in her kitchen, she had to decide whether to trust the former CIA leader or not. At this point, it appears she's making the best decision by supporting him over Henry.

However, there is much more to the story regarding Colombia and Teo than Arthur and Auggie have revealed to Annie. Arthur's insistence that Auggie not read her in on the full story is troublesome, yet at the same time if Auggie really thought she needed to know I think he'd break his word to Arthur to tell her.

Could his silence threaten his relationship with her when it comes out? I'm not sure. It really depends on the secret since Annie understands the job and the need to compartmentalize information. For example, Joan slapped Arthur for his "affair," even though she figured out the lie.

The reveal about Teo will be something they have to work out, but overall, their marriage is strong enough to overcome this situation. They both work in the spy world and understand the requirements of their job and universe. I expect Annie and Auggie will be in a similar situation even if they aren't married ... yet.

Annie has picked her team. She's on Team Campbell and playing Henry. They are in a good situation it appears. They figured out Seth was working with Henry, but now that Joan's former lover is missing and maybe dead it will become more complicated. How long before Henry questions what happened to Seth? And he did notice Annie's beat up hands. He will eventually figure out Annie's true allegiance.

Will Annie even consider killing Arthur's son? I guess that depends if he really is a terrorist and responsible for bombings. Arthur's son or not, if he's a terrorist, Annie will do what's necessary. I doubt Teo is really a terrorist, though. I expect there is a big twist coming. 

Either way, Annie is headed back to Colombia. She won't kill Teo, I'm sure of that. The big question will be: How does she maintain an in with Henry Wilcox if she doesn't follow through with the execution?

So far, Covert Affairs season 4 has me continually on the edge of my seat in anticipation of what's coming next. What does Henry want? And, how is the oil company involved? Which side will win the spy game? And, what will be the prize? Top spot at the CIA? Or, could it just be a matter of staying alive?

A few top moments:

  • Arthur: Since when did you start carrying on US soil?
    Annie: Since the last time someone broke into my kitchen. | permalink
  • Arthur threatening Auggie over reading Annie in on the whole truth. Ouch!
  • Annie and Auggie's genuine friendship and intimacy has been refreshing to watch. They are so natural together.
  • When Annie realized that Joan was pregnant.
  • Arthur's confession about having a son and Joan's reply, "I'm pregnant by the way."
  • Auggie putting the bandage on Annie's forehead instead of her shoulder.

Dig for Fire Review

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Covert Affairs Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Arthur: Since when did you start carrying on US soil?
Annie: Since the last time someone broke into my kitchen.

Annie: Joan, are you pregnant?
Joan: Just one more thing I didn't see coming. So much for women's intuition.