Dexter Review: Forming a Family

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Despite the fact that Deb nearly killed Dexter last week, and the siblings ended up as close as ever to conclude "This Little Piggy," not a lot actually went down on the most disappointing episode to date of Dexter Season 8.

Indeed, Deb and Dexter (and Vogel?) may now be on the same page - a "family," according to the titular serial killer - but the steps taken to get there weren't exactly enthralling.

Most of the episode was dedicated to a basic race against the clock, with the aforementioned siblings putting their pesky differences (attempted murder, etc.) aside in the name of a common cause.

Awkward Cocktail Party

Which I bought. Dr. Vogel has very much become a mother figure for both Deb and Dexter. And the issues between these two are not the sort that can just be talked out. We're way past that point by now.

So it wasn't a question of not believing that a forced reunion in the name of saving their quasi parent would bring Deb and Dexter together, especially when Deb could actually see Dexter in action, realizing that there may actually be a place in the world for someone to take out trash such as Yates.

It just wasn't particularly exciting to watch. The outcome was inevitable and the resolution to last Sunday was pretty quick: within one episode, Deb went from attempted murderer to loyal sister, Vogel from lab rat coordinator to trusted member of this troubled little family.

The opening scene was by far the most interesting. Have we ever seen Dexter that angry? This has been a character who controls his emotions at all times... barring those instances when he's standing over a kill table. But went all Deb in that therapy session, cursing up a storm, making it clear that he was done feeling guilty over his influence on his sister. It was great to watch.

But the rest of the hour was mostly a bore, with the side storylines (Masuka's daughter, Quinn navigating his way through office politics) as snooze-worthy as usual.

The most fascinating issue at stake now is where Dexter goes from here. The Brain Surgeon arc is seemingly over; we're nearly halfway done with the final season; Deb and Dexter are a unified team again.

We know Hannah is on her way back... but are we done with Vogel? It seems unlikely, right? Some major event has to take place soon in order to drive us toward the series finale. And, call me crazy, but I doubt it will be the battle for Sergeant between Quinn and that other detective the show randomly introduced this season.

Where do you see Dexter heading now? Do you trust Vogel? Should Deb and Dexter trust Vogel? And do you think these two made up too quickly and easily this week?

This Little Piggy Review

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