Drop Dead Diva Review: Playing Hardball

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Jane may have gone after a client for a questionable reason on this week's Drop Dead Diva - but it's a good thing she did!

In "Secret Lives," Grayson called Jane out for going after a possibly guilty baseball player just to impress the boss. But who's boss exactly was she trying to impress? The owner of the LA Guardians or her own boss, ex-fiance Owen French?

A Work Night

While it was initially obvious that Jane took initiative to land Scott as a client because she wanted to get the LA Guardians to sign with them, a second glance told us that the person she was really trying to impress was Owen. Grayson figured this out quickly, much to his dismay. Jane flubbed up that first meeting so badly she knew that Owen nor the team owners would be interested if she did make some moves.

By the way, what team owners would ever keep a baseball signed by Babe Ruth just laying on a conference room table? A keepsake like that should be in a protective display case that's kept locked. Haven't the Rhodes ever seen The Sandlot? C'mon! 

By Jane investigating and offering to represent Scott, she killed two birds with one stone. Little did she know that Franklin Rhodes, the team owner she was trying to show off for, would turn out to be the real killer! I'm glad she did end up representing Scott because she was able to do him a justice that perhaps a lesser lawyer wouldn't have. She also has Teri, the best assistant and sidekick a girl could ask for. Besides, no one on the show has better lines that Teri.

Okay I’ll sneak into the locker room and pose as a man to get evidence. If I put my hair up and take my boobs down, I think I can pass. | permalink

Teri even helped Stacy with her sperm donor quest this week. I hate to break the news to good ol' Stac, but no guys is going to be 100% perfect. You don't pass on a donor because he neglected a call from his mother. Maybe they were fighting or there was legitimately good reason for him to hit ignore. The point is, Stacy knew deep down that a donor wasn't the right path for her. It should be really interesting to see who she ends up choosing to ask. Don't you kind of wish Fred could be the baby daddy? 

Unfortunately, I haven't found myself too interested in Kim's storylines lately. Maybe it's because she drags her unresolved Parker anger into every one of her cases. Don't get me wrong, she has every right to be angry, but the constant cloud of Parker drama is just boring already. 

What do you all think of Grayson getting over Jane by getting under guest star Annie Ilonzeh? Should Grayson start dating outside the office or are they a good match? Do you think Owen and Jane finally have a shot of reconciling? Hit the comments with your thoughts on this week's Drop Dead Diva!

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Drop Dead Diva Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Don't look at me with those eyes, you know it throws me off.


Okay I'll sneak into the locker room and pose as a man to get evidence. If I put my hair up and take my boobs down, I think I can pass.