Mistresses Review: Mother of All Revelations

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After last week's series of O.M.G.! moments, Mistresses returned with a few more, along with a heartbreaking reunion for our favorite sisters, as  "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" brought Savi and Joss' mommy home for an enlightening visit. 

Mom's Here

But can we talk about Karen first because the stupid meter on Dr. Kim was setting off alarm bells this week? Karen ran to the girls to lament that Elizabeth Grey knew she was screwing around with her husband and Oh No!, what if she actually killed Tom?!?

Hate to say it, but I was with Joss on this one…

Joss: And if we want to look at the silver lining here, he was going to die soon anyway. So as far as murders go it's like not the worst kind of murder. | permalink

Karen was so wrapped up in her little murder mystery that she actually hired some sleazy private investigator who's obviously more interested in bilking her for a few extra work hours than investigating anything.

And what's Karen's point in all this? For the truth to come out? Has she forgotten that same truth involves her prescribing lethal doses of morphine to her patient/lover and then doctoring patient files? Does she want to lost her medical license and/or end up in jail?!?

If so, Mrs Grey was more than happy to oblige. Apparently when Elizabeth bullied Karen into writing up those fake notes, she fed her some dates she knew were wrong just so she could slap her with a wrongful death suit. 

Karen's judgement has been so incredibly poor from moment one and Elizabeth's plan is so diabolical that I may be rooting for Mrs. Grey on this one. Is that wrong? Perhaps Karen can cozy up to Sam and get him to convince mommy to back off. The Grey men seem to have a soft spot for her.

Things weren't going much better for April, as her sleazy suppose to be dead ex just wouldn't leave. It's even more infuriating because April and Richard were so darn cute together and April really does deserve some happiness.

Remember all of those murderous thoughts I had about Paul last week? Well, they came back 10 fold when he insisted on seeing Lucy. Because the kid seems to have survived the death of her father and is doing well so let's take another crack at trying to screw her up for life. 

I'm hoping April's protective maternal instincts kick in fast on this one. 

And why wasn't anyone screaming insurance fraud? I was shocked they weren't the first words out of Savi's mouth last week as the group's resident attorney.

I'd love to see Paul hauled off in cuffs and Miranda right behind him. I realize that means April might lose everything that the insurance check funded including her home and store but the way Paul's running around town visiting old friends that's bound to happen anyway.

On to Savi and Joss... Alyssa Milano and Jes Macallen were powerhouses this week as their reconnected sisterly bond brought me to tears. 

Mommie dearest Janet (JoBeth Williams) strolled into town causing Savi psychic dreams and giving us great insight into her girls without really trying. Turns out Janet's a free spirit. So free that she frequently took off with the guy of the week leaving 15 year old Savi to take care of 7-year old Joss. 

It was quite the revelation to find out that Savi's daddy left after Janet got pregnant with someone else's baby. As far as Janet's concerned, that child was Joss and she has no regrets - but Janet doesn't seem to regret much of anything, ever.

The whole back story shed an entirely new light on Savi and Joss both separately and as sisters.

Janet begged Savi to open up about her affair, telling her daughter she wouldn't judge her. Savi fired back with this Mistresses quote that shot to the heart of their relationship…

No, you have never judged me Mom because that actually would have required some attention. | permalink

Savi's story about buying that necklace for Joss almost brought me to tears. But it was Joss heartbreak at having Mommy once again blow her off for some random guy that got to me even more. It took one dismissive phone call from Mom to turn beautiful, confident Joss into a seven year old desperate for Mommy's attention.

And that's when she finally realized everything that Savi had done for her. 

Now I understand why you've always been so freakin' tough on me, because that's what mothers do. | permalink

Pass the tissues, please.

Then Savi handed Joss the unopened paternity results because Joss was the only one she trusted to hold on to them. Honestly, I don't know that I'd last 10 minutes without steaming that envelope open.

I get that Savi's focus is on her unborn child but is not reading those results really fair? Even if she doesn't want a relationship with Dom and she's not sure she wants Harry back, one of them is going to be a daddy. Don't they have the right to know?

So do you have any sympathy for Karen? How will Richard react to April's visit from the undead? Are you upset we still haven't found out who the daddy is? Will Joss be able to resist the pull of the envelope and what the hell is up with the 3 week wait for a new episode?!? How will you survive until the next new Mistresses?

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Review

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And if we want to look at the silver lining here, he was going to die soon anyway. So as far as murders go it's like not the worst kind of murder.