Pretty Little Liars Clips: Hanna in Hot Water

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Will next week be the week that things turn around on Pretty Little Liars Season 4?

Following a couple Tuesdays without many answers, "Under the Gun" teases serious trouble for Hanna as she tries to protect her mother. And that's exactly what we see in the first of three sneak peeks at the episode, with Caleb trying (and failing) to offer assistance:

Elsewhere, Aria will try to help out a friend of Mike's, but as you can see in this clip, it simply leads to awkwardness between siblings:

And, finally, Spencer will be all excited over a clue (which will eventually lead her to Ravenswood), but Emily won't exactly share in her enthusiasm:

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Spencer: No, you just spit in it.

Well I'm ruining my mom's life, so that's got to count for something!